Asetek prototype is liquid cooled

Check out this unique all-in-one computer from Asetek which is still in the prototype stage. What makes it different from the rest in the market would be having it liquid cooled, making it (perhaps) the first all-in-one machine we know of which does so. Asetek is proud to announce that this model sports the same profile as the iMac at 58mm when you consider its thickness, where it can run a 2.66GHz Core i7-920 processor and a GeForce GTX 280M graphics card without suffering from a meltdown. A proprietary radiator design which is integrated into the stand itself alongside some pump-assisted action ensures adequate amounts of heat is drawn away from the computer at all times. We’re stoked to see what the final, consumer-class release would look like as the prototype itself is already drool-worthy.

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