In a report by CNET, a prototype foldable phone from TCL reveals itself as a dual-hinged foldable concept phone which folds in three parts (appears as a zigzag) and opens as a huge 10-inch tablet.

Along with an interesting set of specs (4 rear cameras, one front camera, USB-C, and no headphone jack), there was a lot going on with the phone.

It might feel very similar to a book giving away details of two different hinges to open and close the foldable phone.

More appropriately, the foldable phone can be visually compared to an accordion while folding it.

Jessica from CNET also shared her experience of folding the phone just like converting it into a triple-layered sandwich with a single dedicated screen to carry out essential tasks.

In addition to her experience, the fact that TCL is aiming to create a foldable phone is a good sign where you could expect the foldable tech to be more accessible and affordable at the same time.

TCL is also known more making affordable electronic products with advanced tech – so it is definitely a possibility, even though we should not have our hopes up.

Not just the price that gets affected but also the tech that goes behind making a foldable phone success is evolving as well. To know about the exact details of the experience with TCL’s prototype foldable phone, you can read the full coverage by Jessica on CNET.

What do you think about a new foldable phone by TCL? Will such prototypes help make foldable phones common? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Featured Image Credits: CNET

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