iPhone Users Have More Sexual Partners According to Dating Site


Online dating site OK Cupid had released the results of its 9,785-person survey of its users, revealing that iPhone users have on average more sex partners by age 30 than users of competing smartphone handsets, and also that the Apple designed smartphone helps in taking more attractive pictures than phones on other platforms.

30-year-old male iPhone users had on average 10 sexual partners, compared to 8.1 sex partners for BlackBerry male users and 6 partners for Android users of the same age. For women, iPhone users fared an average of 12.3 sexual partners, well ahead of 8.8 for BlackBerry female owners, and 6.1 for Android women of the same age. Beyond the 30-year-old age group, male and female iPhone owners have more sex partners than users of the competing Android and BlackBerry platforms.

Additionally, iPhone users who post their photos, captured with the iPhone’s camera, may help their chances of finding a mate. The study shows that the iPhone helps to capture attractive shots of the dater while cameras of competing smartphones have an inverse effect on attractiveness. Decreased photo attractiveness was seen on images captured via cameras from the Palm Pre, Android handsets, BlackBerrys, Windows Mobile Devices, and handsets from Samsung, LG, Motorola and Nokia all decreased photo attractiveness. Looks like if you want to be more photogenic per your dating profile, you ought to use an iPhone’s camera. Only an un-named Sony Ericsson phone and a Sidekick join the iPhone as having increased photogenic picture taking abilities. [link to the study]

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