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PhoneTell: Android App with “Hard-to-Find” Phone Numbers

PhoneTell UI

Launched in May, PhoneTell is an Android app that allows users to search phone numbers across multiple sources such as the personal address book, Gmail, LinkedIn, Salesforce, Yelp, Yellow Pages, White Pages, and Bing. It is easy to find a restaurant near you by typing “pizza” for example, or using the voice command. Additionally, PhoneTell provides a custom sms reply when you cannot answer the phone. To learn more, check the video.

Today, PhoneTell added hundreds of the most difficult, hard-to-find, phone numbers into its Android application. No more hassles to find the customer service number for Amazon.com, Apple, Paypal, Toyota, MasterCard or Dell: PhoneTell promises to provides the precise phone number to reach a real live person to help you. I have not tested it, you can try it by downloading the free application from the Android market or GetJar. Check out the demo of the new feature here.

According to PhoneTell, the new list of additional phone numbers is comprised of hard-to-find customer service numbers (e.g. Direct TV, Disneyland Resort, the Geek Squad, PayPal), unlisted numbers and national 1-800 numbers. These are numbers that you can’t get by calling 411 and are impossible or nearly impossible to find on the Internet. Some hard to find numbers included in PhoneTell:

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