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How to Install The Google Play Store
There may be a need to install the Google Play Store when you do not have it pre-installed or if you are facing any kind of issues with the current version and you want to update the Google Play Store. Also, if you are not happy with Google’s speed of rolling out the Play Store updates in your country, you can also choose to manually update it.

How to Fix Unfortunately App has Stopped Error on Android
When everything works fine on an Android device, it is a good sign for the user experience. When you encounter an error that says – “Unfortunately, <App name> has stopped“, the user gets frustrated! Maybe the user was in the middle of doing something important and now that the application forcefully stopped, everything is literally gone! The user has to re-launch the app and start over again! So, in this […]

Best Scanner Apps
The web was thought to displace paper, but it turns out that it wasn’t the case. However, managing documents digitally provides advantages that paper could never meet: durability, multi-location backups, search, and availability. The process of turning paper into digital documents remain the main point of friction, and we’re going to show you apps that will make this easier.

Best Video Players for Android
Watching your favorite movie or TV show on your Android device could be a problem if you don’t have the right video player. The default video player for Android doesn’t provide support for many video formats like FLV, WMV, etc. which makes it difficult to watch locally stored video files on your device. Fortunately, there are tons of amazing video players available for the Android platform. Below are 6 of […]


RockMelt For Android Launched
RockMelt, a content aggregation and discovery service is launching its Android app which aims at delivering a user experience that is tailor-made for Android devices which often feature large displays (check our Galaxy Mega 6.3 Review to see what “large display” mean). Instead of simply porting its iOS app to Android, RockMelt has developed a new user-interface (UI) that works very well with a single hand, regardless of the screen-size. […]

Blackberry Q10 Will Support Android App Ports As Well
The Blackberry Z10 was launched with tens of thousands of apps, some were designed for the Z10 specifically, while some were Android ports, which is not a bad thing since the Google Play store has more than their share of decent apps. Now if you were worried that maybe Blackberry’s upcoming Q10 might not have the same support, thanks to its QWERTY keyboard layout, fret not as Blackberry has announced […]

Facebook For Android 2.0 Aims For Speed
Facebook has just announced its Facebook for Android 2.0 app which is landing in Google Play later today. The new app is now using native code, just like it does on the iOS version which brought a huge speed boost, especially on the new iPhone 5 hardware. This is the same kind of performance increase that we expect for Android devices this afternoon when the update cycle starts.Although the app […]

VINCI Curriculum Named as CES Innovations 2013 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree
VINCI Curriculum is the software exclusively running in the VINCI Tab II and the VINCI Tab II M (photo above) , two tablets specifically designed for kids. VINCI curriculum is tailored to help children build learning capabilities. It features 43 monthly themes and topics across 3 levels of learning: The Curious; The Confident; and The Capable.We all know that toddler are in love with user friendly touch screens and tablets, although we did […]

uTorrent Announces Native Beta App For Android
uTorrent has announced the release of a native uTorrent app for Android. The app is still in its beta and will run on any device using Android 2.1 or higher. The company claims that in a bid to stay true to its reputation of creating the most lightweight and powerful BitTorrent client, it has been working on the app for months. Not only that, the new app is as lightweight […]

SkyDrive App For Android Finally Arrives
A few days ago, Microsoft launched a massive revamp of its cloud storage service, SkyDrive. The revamp improved both the looks and the functionality of the service. As far as the design was concerned, Microsoft brought SkyDrive’s UI well in sync with its metro philosophy which is permeating nearly every Microsoft software.In the post detailing all these changes, Microsoft had promised that although it wasn’t offering a SkyDrive app for […]

Swiftkey 3.0.1 Android keyboard adds colors and languages
Android keyboard app Swiftkey has been updated to version 3.0.1 and now comes with new colors (sky, fuchsia) and two new languages (Malay and Urdu) in addition to the 42 existing ones. This will make native speakers of those languages pretty happy.As usual, this update comes with a number of bug fixes and improvements. 3.0.1 now includes Google Voice typing, which performs really well for short sentences in Android 4.0 […]

Androidland: the world's first Android store
If you’re a fan of Android and you happen to live in Melbourne, Australia – we’ve got some good news for you. Telstra Corporation announced today the launch of Androidland: Australia’s and the world’s first Android store. Telstra teamed up with Google to come up with Androidland, which is located in the carrier’s flagship retail outlet in Bourke Street Melbourne. In case you’re wondering what Androidland is about, it’s going […]

BlackBerry Packager for Android tell-all video
I guess if there is one positive that you can take from the BlackBerry PlayBook, it would be this – the PlayBook has yet to take the same exit as that of the HP TouchPad. While the hardware is built solid, it seems as though this tablet from RIM has failed to enter the mainstream consciousness, and will not be emulating the BlackBerry range of smartphones’ successes anytime soon. Still, […]

Zlango Launches “The Walking Dead” Icon Messaging
Yesterday, Zlango launched its localized icon texting for the American language, a service accessible via the Zlango Messaging App for Android Devices.Today at New York Comic Con, the company unveiled The Walking Dead theme pack, licensed and designed based on the comic book series characters.The Walking Dead theme pack is available as a free update for users of the Zlango Messaging App and it allows users to replace words with […]

Buy now, pay later for Vodafone Android users
If you happen to be a Vodafone subscriber in Europe who are rocking to an Android-powered smartphone, then you are in for a surprise – the carrier will allow you to pay for your apps purchased over at the Android Market via your phone bill. This is the latest move in a game of ‘tactical chess’ with Apple’s App Store by Google, hoping that such a business model might just […]

50 apps take up most of your time out of 250,000 from the Android Market
If you’re rocking to an Android-powered smartphone, then surely you would know that the Android Market is trying its darndest best to overtake Apple’s App Store in terms of apps available, but we can safely say that quality trumps quantity here. Market analysis experts at Nielsen recently gathered usage data from Android users for statistical purposes, and it showed that 50 apps take up the bulk of your time out […]

Android virus does voice recordings on the quiet
Who says that phones are safe enough to use that there is no need for anti-virus software? That might be true in the older days before color displays and Internet connectivity on the handset became the norm, but now, we have mobile operating systems that do resemble that of a PC in many ways, hence opening up some of the same doors as well to external threats. There is word […]

AMEX Digital MP-G7 Android TV Media Player
AMEX Digital rolls yet another Android-powered device onto the already cluttered scene in the form of the MP-G7 Android TV Media Player, but as you can tell by the name of the device itself, this is going to be very, very different from yet another Android smartphone or tablet. First of all, let us set the record straight – the MP-G7, even though it is powered by Android, would feel […]

NOOK for Android app gets Barnes & Noble update
Barnes & Noble has updated the NOOK for Android app, where it will pave the way for the tablet to access the largest digital periodical offering on the Google platform to date. With over 140 NOOK newsstand titles to choose from (these range from interactive magazines to your staple reads in a digital format), not to mention the exclusive ArticleView feature, has now arrived on the Android tablet platform.Specially optimized […]

Android Fragmentation: a real problem, developers say
Google said at the previous Google IO that Android is not *that* fragmented, but many developers -86%- (according to Fortune and 250 developers surveyed) think that Android fragmentation is a real problem.First, let’s provide some context: developers bump into different types of fragmentation: 1/ hardware fragmentation: different display resolution, performance, form-factor or feature set. 2/ software fragmentation: different Android versions, APIs have changed or aren’t working anymore, customizations from handset […]