Verizon FiOS SimulCrypt rollout will break hearts and CableCARD tuners

Diamonds might be forever, but electronic gadgets never are as there will always be something newer and better coming up the horizon. The introduction of firmware updates have greatly helped prolong the lifespan of such gadgets, although they still won’t be able to last for decades on end. It has taken three years for FiOS TV subscribers who own ATI Digital Cable Tuners as well as other CableCARD devices to reach the end of its lifespan, but don’t go around blaming Verizon for that. After all, Verizon is looking to utilize both Cisco and Motorola devices within the same area, relying on a new kind of technology known as Simulcrypt. This will benefit customers in the long run since it will probably result in more affordable prices and selection. While this is a CableLabs certified technology, a firmware update is required to make sure that the device is capable of handling the encryption in a proper manner. At least you have an excuse for the missus to be able to make that upgrade.

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