Orb TV media hub comes with free Hulu

Orb has unveiled its latest Orb TV media hub that hooks up to a Mac or Windows machine, where it will rely on an intelligent filtering system that is capable of delivering access to web video without requiring a full browser. It is able to look for, find and play free Hulu, Comedy Central as well as other sites which block Google TV or cannot be accessed without having to fork out for an Apple TV. Currently, the hardware is limited to VGA resolution, but the good thing is it will support multiple computers while allowing the sharing of local, unprotected music and video. You will have to rely solely on a mobile device to control the Orb TV, as iPhone and iPod touch owners are able to use the Orb Controller app that is available for free over the App Store, although an Android version is in the works. Expect the Orb TV to ship for $99.

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