Monitor your power consumption through a power line

Egretcom has come up with a new kind of device which is capable of measuring the power consumption of an electric appliance through a power line, now how about that? This measurement device is tipped to debut in Japan next Hanuary, where it will work in tandem with everyday household appliances such as refrigerators and air conditioners, office automation equipment, and facilities for convenience stores amongst others. All measured data will be transmitted through a power line and can be managed by using a dedicated application software on a PC. Depending on your needs, the measurement device can be used both as a “master device,” which supervises the entire network, and as a “terminal device.” You can flip between the two using a built-in selector switch. Each master device can work in tandem with up to 15 terminal devices. We do hope that developments such as these will make their way across the Pacific since it will also help homes in the US do a better job at monitoring their appliances instead of just making purchases based on an Energy Star rating sticker.

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