In addition to the recently available North American Navigon for iOS edition, the GPS software-maker had also launched an update to Navigon for Android, which brings the version for Android to 3.5.3. The Android version for Navigon USA is now on sale at around $40 through January 6, 2011, and brings some new functions and performance enhancements. Some of those enhancements include an intuitive address click feature to launch Navigon from any app by clicking on an address, adding contacts as interim destinations on an existing route, a switch for Reality Scanner, ability to download maps over a mobile broadband connection and not just WiFi. Hit the jump for more info.

NAVIGON MobileNavigator Android 3.5.3

-Address Click: Address selection from any app that supports an address export, launches NAVIGON MobileNavigator and instantly provides turn-by-turn directions. Users donÂ’t have to fumble with addresses while on the go, and can begin MobileNavigator with the hit of a button.

-Contacts as Interim Destinations: Contacts directly added to an existing route as an interim destination.

-Reality Scanner Switch: The feature can now be swapped to automatic and into permanent-off mode in the settings.

-GSM Map Download: Download maps via GSM not just Wi-Fi. Please note: Due the fact that additional costs can occur for GSM downloads, NAVIGON recommends to use Wi-Fi whenever possible.

-General Performance Enhancements
Includes – Improved US Address recognition from Contacts.

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