Huawei Locator GPS Tracking Device Announced

#IFA18 – We’ve all been guilty of misplacing our bags, wallets, keys, and more. However thanks to technology these days, we are able to better keep track of them. Huawei has also announced the launch of the Huawei Locator, which is a device that can help with that. It is a location beacon device that will support a bunch of global navigation system standards, such as GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and […]

Ticatag Xpress, XtrackR and Xtrack Can GPS-Track Assets For Months, or Years

Ticatag, a location-based IoT company has released new GPS trackers at MWC 2018. The products extend their Tifiz line and are called Xpress ($99), XtrackR ($129) and Xtrack ($199), the three are GPS tracking boxes used to know where vehicles and assets are.

Imaginary GPS Trackers For Criminals?

GPS technology is pretty useful in helping us get from one point to another, but what happens when you use it to track people – particularly those who have been deemed by the legal system as “high risk offenders”? This is certainly an interesting question to ponder over, as the town council of Williams Lake, British Columbia, has already passed an unanimous motion to implant GPS trackers in such “high […]

How To Read GPS Coordinates

Before we dive into the reading of GPS coordinates, it is important that you have a good grasp of the GPS system and basic knowledge of the geographical lines of latitude and longitude. Once you understand that, reading coordinates is very easy, and you can practice with online tools.


‘Super GPS’ Keeps Tabs On Self Driving Cars All The Time

It goes without saying that the modern day GPS navigation system in our smartphones as well as in our vehicles do a pretty good job when it comes to bringing us from one location to another without missing a beat. Well, how about the ‘super GPS’? With ‘super GPS’, it would hopefully ensure that self driving cars will not lose their way – which is a comforting thought, taking into […]

Wistiki Reveals Philippe Starck-Designed Device Trackers

[CES 2016] Sometimes, there are way too many things in life to keep track of, so much so that it can get rather difficult to remember where we put some of our everyday items. Well, Wistiki of France decided to do something about the situation, and them being French, needed to roll out something that is also aesthetically pleasing, hence enlisting the help of Philippe Starck to come up with […]

X-Doria KidGPS Will Help Keep Tabs On Your Kids

Back in the day when we used to go out as kids, our parents would typically ask where we were going and to call them when we arrived, so as to give them that peace of mind. Nowadays we suppose some parents still ask their kids to do that, but with the advancement in technology, even if kids don’t say anything, parents can still track their kids, like with the […]

Some NYC Taxis Try Out GPS-Based Fare Calculators

Being a taxi driver would mean you will never run out of stories to tell, especially when you have racked up years of driving experience ferrying people around. Still, it is not the most financially rewarding job on earth, although the human aspect of it cannot see any amount of money placed on it. Normally, taxis feature meters that will calculate the fare based on distance traveled and time taken, […]

How To Find/Track Your Lost iPhone/iPad

Losing your smartphone is a tragic incident. Regardless of whether it is a pricy flagship or an entry-level phone, the device itself contains ample information, some of which are private or exclusively stored onto it. Hence, it is definitely worth the time to look for a lost device. Thanks to the rapid development of mobile technology software over the course of the last five years, there are plenty of options […]

How To Disable Google Location Tracking (Android+iOS+Web)

Most people don’t even know that they are constantly being tracked and that all their locations are being recorded in Google servers. Every place you visit is being tracked using Wi-Fi, mobile networks and GPS. This option is enabled by default and usually makes the user experience better and more convenient. There are many applications and services that depend on your location, such as “Google Now” or showing your location […]

National Parks To Track Humans With GPS

Paying a visit to a national park is always a good idea, but when you are faced with nature, you know for sure what you need to do – respect it, and play by its rules. Apart from stunning views and perhaps the chance to catch a glimpse of selected animals that catch your fancy, one can also explore the many trails within the national park itself. The thing is, […]

Philips Uses LEDs To Guide Shoppers Indoors

Apple’s iBeacon platform is one of the ways that many believe will change the way we do our shopping in stores. Basically for those unfamiliar with the technology, it uses Bluetooth to detect when a customer is nearby, which in turn could prompt them on their phone with announcements such as discounts on a particular food product, and so on. However Philips might have something up their sleeves too with […]

$7,000 Bike’s Built-In GPS Led To Its Recovery After It Was Stolen

Bicycles for the most part are mechanical devices, but these days we are starting to see the rise in electric bicycles that come with more modern features, like an electric motor to help move things along, LED screens, and built-in GPS, just to name a few. While some cyclists snub their noses at these modern features, cyclist Bill Kiriakis is probably loving it as the bike’s built-in GPS managed to […]

TomTom Set To Offer European KIA Cars Traffic And Weather Data

How many of you out there actually refer to the weather report not only for the day ahead, but also the forecast for an entire week? Well, if you happen to have raised your hand in affirmation and live in Europe, perhaps it might be time to consider a KIA the next time you want to purchase a new ride. Why do we say so? Well, it looks as though […]