German airplane maker PC-Aero are currently doing pretty well with the Elektra One, their single-seat electric airplane. Already having undergone . The sleek-looking composite aircraft static load testing before Christmas, PC-Aero intends to achieve its first flight in February. Bear in mind that this is the first of three electric aircraft that are being planned by the company, and PC-Aero intends to come up with two- and four-seat versions in the coming years. Sporting a 16-kilowatt (21-horsepower) motor, the Elektra One will zip along at a top speed of over 100 miles per hour, although the estimated battery life of three hours will most probably comprise of a much slower speed. Not only that, PC-Aero wants to develop a solar hangar as well to store them planes – claiming that a mere 430-square-foot roof that covered in solar panels will allow a pilot to fly for over 300 hours on the sun-charged batteries.

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