Satarii Star crowdfunded iPhone accessory tracks youIf you often use your iPhone to record videos of yourself, you’ll probably have been frustrated at some point in time when the camera isn’t aimed at you when you move away from it. Now the folks at Satarii are trying to come up with a solution for that, namely the Satarii Star. This device is actually a dock for your iPhone (or any phone/camera that fits), allowing you to pop a device into the cradle, slap a tiny 1” x 2” marker on yourself and have it track you as you move about.

While the concept of a camera following your movement is nothing new, the company aims to market this device for $200 that will hopefully be cheap enough to make it affordable. The company is currently reaching out for funding via crowdfunding and they’re planning to get the first batch of these things going out within about 6 months. The device currently exists in two forms, a prototype of what the final product will look like and also a functional prototype that gives you a better idea of how it’ll operate. Do you think that you’d shell out $200 in order to have your iPhone track you around your room when you’re making a FaceTime call? Video after the jump.

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