The world’s energy crisis does not look set to abate, what with the world’s economy picking up and developing countries getting hungrier and more affluent as their middle class income group is enlarged, resulting in more cars on the road. Well, someone needs to do something about the situation, and UK-based Cella Energy did manage to come up with a synthetic fuel which could end up costing a mere $1.50 for a gallon of gasoline. This could certainly be a revolution, where the hydrogen-based fuel does not produces any carbon emissions at all when burned. No idea on whether energy companies are willing to see this hit the mass market since it might mean they lose out on their profit margin, or will they also be racing to churn out a similar kind of gasoline as well to compete? In case you were wondering as we were, early indications do point towards the fuel being compatible with current internal combustion engined vehicles without the need for any engine modification.

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