TC Electronic just announced that they will be rolling out a quintet of new guitar effects pedals that will sport TonePrint technology – a new feature which offers guitarists instant and free access to preset effects that were specially created by guitar legends such as John Petrucci, Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal, Joe Perry, Orianthi and Doug Aldrich. The five new pedals are Corona Chorus, Flashback Delay & Looper, Vortex Flanger, Shaker Vibrato and Hall of Fame Reverb will all benefit from the TonePrint feature. Users can activate the custom-made preset simply by downloading their favorite guitarist’s TonePrint from the TC Electronic website. The moment it is set to TonePrint setting, the pedal will recreate the effect that was previously set up by the famous guitarists. While there are many other things to worry about in the future, you need not wonder whether this will be obsolete or not since there will be an ever expanding number of artists who continue to add their individual settings to the TC Electronic library. Free presets can be obtained by connecting the pedal via USB to a PC or Mac. There is one downside though – each pedal can only hold one TonePrint at a time, but at least you get unlimited swaps. Out in February onwards, the  Corona Chorus, Flashback Delay & Looper and Vortex Flanger will go for $177 each, while the Shaker Vibrato and Hall of Fame Reverb will retail for $232 and $204, respectively.

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