miraDry consoleThe FDA has recently approved the miraDry system, a device created to help deal with patients that sweat excessively from their underarms. The system makes use of microwave energy to shutdown sweat glands in a targeted area, preventing those areas from ever releasing sweat again.

An hour long process that has immediate effects, this technology is probably going to be a hit with the deodorant-using crowd who are tired of forking out cash for new bottles of deodorant every few months.

According to the FAQ on their website, sweating from your underarms isn’t compulsory (the rest of your body has enough sweat glands for you to do your sweating from) so it looks like a pretty safe procedure that can help you smell better at all times.

It wasn’t mentioned which hospitals or clinics will be providing this treatment, but its best to check with your local medical center to find out more. Head over to the Miramar labs to find out more about the miraDry system.

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