Webtrends release Mobile World Congress day 1 statistics

Webtrends' MWC Day 1 trends

[MWC] Webtrends, the global leader in digital analytics, has released some interesting statistics concerning the popularity of brands and devices that have caught fire for day 1 of the Mobile World Congress. They analyzed tweets, blogs and news all over the internet to come up with the data and have shown some pretty interesting results. According to their findings, the first day of the Mobile World Congress saw Samsung and their upcoming tablet, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 being the talk of the town (world?). The Korean electronics manufacturer was on top with a 23.3% popularity rating, RIM in second place with 19.2% and Nokia and Sony (Ericsson) battling it out for third place at 13.5% and 13.6% respectively. It looks like Samsung has been doing a great job with its PR, and its paying off.

Other interesting findings show that tablets have really climbed the charts in terms of popularity. Smartphones lead the show with 56.7%, but tablets weren’t too far behind with 43.3% – a huge leap compared to MWC one year ago where tablets hand only 208 mentions across all social media channels for the entire week of MWC 2010 – tablets were mentioned 4,278 times in the first 1.5 days at MWC 2011.

In terms of individual products’ popularity – the Galaxy Tab stole the show with a whopping 45.4% popularity while LG’s Optimus line up was second with only 25.7%. The iPad came third at 20.3% and the Playbook at 8.8%. Again, this shows that Samsung really knows how to create a buzz for their devices, as evident in Webtrends’ findings. So it’s no surprise that the Samsung led the charge in smartphone popularity, with their Galaxy S 2 (67.8%), and Android dominated the OS popularity at 61.3%. Though this is only a study of the first day, expect trends to shift as we progress throughout the week. Do you think Samsung will hog the charts throughout the whole event? Head over to the Webtrends blog for more charts and statistics about the Mobile World Congress.

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