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Samsung Galaxy S6 & iPhone 6 Put To The Test...In Boiling Hot Water
We’ve seen many unnecessary and brutal tests that YouTubers have put new phones through. Heck it wasn’t too long ago that someone tried to burn the Samsung Galaxy S6 to see how much heat it could withstand, and now we have a new test – boiling hot water! YouTuber TechRax has recently uploaded a video in which we get to see both the Galaxy S6 and the iPhone 6 boiled […]

Samsung To Use Own Camera Module For The Galaxy S6 [Rumor]
When it comes to camera modules in smartphones, Sony is actually doing pretty well for themselves in that regard. They have made modules used in Apple’s iPhone lineup, as well as Samsung’s Galaxy S-lineup as well, but if the rumors are to be believed, it looks like Samsung and Sony could be parting ways with the Galaxy S6.According to previous rumors of the Galaxy S6, the handset is said to […]

Samsung Releases TecTiles 2 NFC Tags With Galaxy S4 Support For $15
Samsung had previously released its TecTiles programmable NFC tags for its Galaxy S3 around this time last year, but unfortunately with the release of the Galaxy S4, its TecTiles didn’t support its latest and greatest smartphone. But today, Samsung is releasing its new TecTiles 2 NFC tags that fully support the Galaxy S4.The new TecTiles 2 NFC tags will work similar to how the original tags worked and is compatible […]

Google Unlocked Galaxy S4 Features Stock Android Jelly Bean
The Samsung Galaxy S4 is now available in the U.S on AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint with Verizon lagging behind with an expected release date of May 23. A Google Edition of the Samsung Galaxy S4 was rumored to be announced during the Google I/O keynote, and it looks like that is exactly what Google had planned for today.Google has announced they’ll soon be selling a stock Android Jelly Bean version of […]


Samsung Galaxy S4 Commercials Highlights Hardware, Software
The Samsung Galaxy S4 is slowly making its way to U.S. carriers in the coming weeks as a number of them have already started slashing the price of their in-stock Galaxy S3s in preparation, and today, we’re starting to see a number of commercials starting to roll out promoting the “next big thing.”The 60-second U.K. ad focuses primarily on the Samsung Galaxy S4’s hardware by showcasing the device in many, many, […]

HTC President Bashes Samsung Galaxy S4 Event
If you didn’t watch last night’s Samsung Galaxy S4 unveiling in New York City, we can tell you the entire experience was rather…. interesting. Much of the event was spent highlighting a number of fictional scenarios where a specific S4 feature would be perfect in said scenario, and less about the actual device itself. While the entire experience was meant to entertain, it made HTC President Jason MacKenzie feeling pretty […]

Samsung Teams Up With HP To Offer Seamless Printing With Galaxy S4
Printing a document from your mobile device could be more of a hassle than its worth as the majority of us don’t even know what the first step would be in order to make such a magical operation occur. 3rd-party applications may work, but they often require dedicated applications to be used, which certainly doesn’t make the process seamless by any means. HP is looking to make the process as […]

Samsung Manages To Sell Over 100 Million Galaxy S Devices
It is no secret that Samsung’s Galaxy S-series of Android handsets are its most popular out of the lot. Kicking things off with the first Galaxy S device, followed by the Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S3, and come 2013 it is safe to say that the Galaxy S4 will be one of the most highly-anticipated smartphones of the year. That being said, Samsung has announced that they have hit a […]

FlymeOS Port For the Galaxy S
The Samsung Galaxy S I9001 is not exactly one of those devices out there which you would fall in love with at first glance, and it is definitely far from the glamorous Galaxy S3 when it comes to popularity at this point in time. Well, it seems that there is a rather big port that is being worked upon, which will eventually see the increasingly popular FlymeOS being ported over, […]

Samsung Galaxy S Android-powered camera could debut at IFA 2012
We saw the Nikon Coolpix S800c embrace the Android operating system despite being a camera first and foremost, so it is not surprising to hear of other hardware manufacturers making the attempt to jump aboard the Android-powered camera bandwagon – and Samsung might very well make such an announcement at IFA 2012 which is happening in Berlin, Germany, through the introduction of their Galaxy S camera to the world. The […]

Galaxy S receives Ice Cream Sandwich via Cyanogenmod 9
Samsung might have thrown in the towel when it comes to updating the Galaxy S smartphone to run on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, but that does not mean that the homebrew community feel the same. No sir, as evident by what Cyanogenmod 9 offers – this latest alpha build for the Galaxy S has already been uploaded to the project’s servers, and do bear in mind that this is […]

Samsung "Value Pack" is Ice Cream Sandwich with a "Lite" version of TouchWiz
We’ve previously reported that Samsung will not be bringing Ice Cream Sandwich to the Galaxy S phone, and will be delivering a “Value Pack” instead. However it looks like all that has been a misunderstanding according to the folks at XDA-developers. One of their readers, a Korean-speaker, read the Korean announcement which had its original message lost in translation. Apparently the message was supposed to state that the “Value Pack” […]

Samsung Galaxy S may receive Value Pack update instead of Android 4.0
Just yesterday we reported that due to overwhelming negative responses from their customers, Samsung announced that they would rethink their decision about not including the Galaxy Tab and Galaxy S in their Android 4.0 upgrade plans. As it turns out, it looks like Samsung may be firm in their resolve to not bring Android 4.0 to said devices, but will instead offer a “Value Pack” to the Galaxy S (it […]

Samsung Galaxy S Ice Cream Sandwich ROM hits release candidate
While Samsung has chosen not to officially support the original Galaxy S when it comes to dishing out Android Ice Cream Sandwich, the folks over at XDA-developers aren’t giving up hope and are hard at work doing it themselves. They’ve finally come up with the first release candidate version of the Samsung Galaxy S Ice Cream Sandwich ROM.