Huawei Plans To Overtake Samsung By 2020

All companies desire to be number one in the world in whatever field they are in. That title, as far as smartphone companies are concerned, currently belongs to Samsung, but apparently this is a title that Huawei is aiming for and are hoping to take it for their own by 2020, with plans of being at least on par with the company in 2019.

Potential Samsung Galaxy S10 Designs Revealed

Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy S10 in 2019. In terms of specs, it’s not hard to guess that it will be outfitted with the latest Exynos chipset for some markets, and also the latest Qualcomm chipset for other markets. It will also most like pack anywhere between 6-8GB of RAM, and will also probably come with a dual (or triple) rear-facing camera setup.

Samsung Will Now Limit Its Free Mobile Themes To 14-Days

One of the ways handset manufacturers differentiate themselves from the competition is by skinning the UI of their phones to look different. In some cases, such as Samsung, themes are also offered which allows for further customization, but unfortunately for Samsung owners it looks like free themes will be coming to an end, sort of.

Android Pie Beta For Galaxy S9 To Launch Today

Samsung confirmed at its developers’ conference last week that it will soon be launching the Android Pie beta program for the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. Owners of these handsets in select countries will finally be able to get a taste of Pie if they manage to snag a place in the beta program. Samsung is reportedly going to launch the program later today.


Samsung Galaxy J4 Core Android Go Handset Announced

While high-end smartphones certainly make for better news and publicity, and also does a good job of showing off a company’s technology, the price of such devices typically means that there are a good number of customers out there who cannot afford them, such as those living in developing countries.

Possible Specs Of Cheaper Galaxy S10 Model Revealed

Samsung’s Galaxy S lineup is usually the company’s flagship lineup which means that they are typically priced as such. However we have heard rumors that 2019’s Galaxy S10 could actually be launched in three different models, with one of the models allegedly being of a “cheaper” or “budget” option.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition Could Get Android Pie

In 2016 Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 7, but unfortunately due to battery issues, there were widespread reports of the phone exploding and catching on fire, leading to Samsung recalling all models. The company then decided to fix the issue and re-release the handset as the “Fan Edition”.

Samsung’s Android Pie Update Might Bring Adoptable Storage Support

Google added the adoptable storage feature to Android a few years back. It’s the feature that enables the handset to treat the external and internal storage as one unified drive. Samsung has never supported adoptable storage on its devices but that might change with its Android Pie.

Samsung’s One UI Will Be Coming To Older Handsets

One of the problems with Android phones and the companies that make them is that unless you’re Google and you own a Pixel device, it’s hard to tell if new features will be coming to your phone, especially if you own an older device. However at the same time it is understandable as companies would much prefer to devote their resources to current and future products.

Samsung Testing Controlling TV Using Your Brain

The idea of being able to control objects using our mind seems like something out of a sci-fi/fantasy movie or story, but it’s actually not a far-fetched reality. In the past we have seen how using our brains, we can control devices like wheelchairs, which is why using our brain to control our TV doesn’t seem entirely out of the question.

Samsung Reportedly Still Undecided On Its Foldable Phone’s Hinge

Last week Samsung officially took the wraps off their foldable smartphone. However the unveiling wasn’t really much of an unveiling where we only got to see the foldable screen in action, but in terms of a design, it’s still anyone’s guess as to what the phone could look like. In fact last we heard, Samsung was still undecided on its design.

Samsung’s Foldable Phone Could Launch In March 2019

Just last week, Samsung took the wraps off its foldable phone at the Samsung Developer Conference. However apart from revealing the foldable display, not much else was known about the handset, such as launch date, pricing, specs, or the design, but a report out of Korea might have revealed some of those details.

Galaxy S10 May Have Horizontal Rear Camera Setup

Samsung has recently shipped some devices with vertical rear camera setups. The devices include the Galaxy A9 which is the world’s first smartphone with a quad camera system at the back. It was expected that perhaps this orientation will be used for the Galaxy S10’s camera set up as well but a new report suggested that Samsung will opt for the horizontal orientation.

Samsung To Produce 1 Million Units Of Its Foldable Smartphone Initially

At the Samsung Developer Conference last week, the company officially introduced its foldable smartphone. The design of the actual phone was hidden, but we got to see how the device works and what we might be able to expect. There is still no word on an actual launch, but it seems that in terms of availability, Samsung might not be producing as much at the start.