Samsung is a South-Korean conglomerate which counts many subsidiaries like Samsung Electronics, which you probably know very well, but also Samsung Heavy Industries which builds ships, or Samsung Life Insurance, Samsung Securities and many more. Samsung is responsible for an amazing 20% of South Korea’s exports. In the consumer electronics world, Samsung has gone from being a company with a reputation for cheap products to becoming one of the most respected companies in the world.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Could Replace Its Massive Notch With A Hole-Punch Camera
Many companies made fun of Apple when the iPhone X was first launched with a notch in its display, which is used to house the front-facing camera and other sensors. However, many were quick to follow the design, and in fact, Samsung adopted an even bigger notch with the Galaxy Fold smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Rumored To Come With A 60Hz Display
With the Samsung Galaxy S20, the company finally introduced a 120Hz display to its smartphones. It is largely expected that this practice would continue with the Galaxy Note 20, but it seems that it might not. At least that’s according to a tweet by leakster Ice Universe who suggests that the company might use a 60Hz display instead.

Ads Are Appearing In Samsung’s OneUI And People Aren’t Happy
We get that ads are necessary. They help free services and websites (like ours) generate revenue, but what if you were to pay for a service or a product? Would you expect to see ads there? Chances are you wouldn’t, which is why it is completely understandable that many Samsung users are upset.

Samsung Could Have An 8TB SSD In The Works
These days, SSDs are becoming more common. While SSDs have been around for a while, they weren’t exactly widely-adopted due to the fact that they were incredibly expensive, although in recent years, prices have gone down by quite a bit. They’re still not necessarily cheap, but they are definitely more affordable than what they used to be.


Using A Screen Protector With The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Will Void Its Warranty
Whenever we buy a new smartphone, there’s a good chance that we will also buy a screen protector at the same time. This is because while our phone’s displays are relatively durable and resistant to scratches, why take the chance, especially if the phone in question is very expensive, right?

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Could Ditch The Curved Display
One of the selling points of Samsung’s phones in recent years are its curved displays along the edges of the device. We’ve seen this design emulated by other handset makers, but it looks like with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 20, the company could actually be ditching the curved display.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Goes Live On Samsung’s Website
According to the rumors, Samsung is expected to take the wraps off a brand new smartwatch in the form of the Galaxy Watch 3. There is no word on when the device will be announced, but it seems that it could be soon. This is because according to MySmartPrice, they have discovered what appears to be the official support page for the smartwatch on Samsung’s very own website.

60Hz VS 120Hz Smartphone Display Battery Test
These days, we’re starting to see more smartphones come with displays with a higher refresh rate that was popularized by the Razer Phone. Now, it should be pointed out that in the past, phones could have their display refresh rates increased through hidden settings, but it used to be discouraged as it would come at the cost of battery life.

Samsung’s Sero Rotating TV Is Now Available For Purchase
Back in 2019, Samsung took the wraps off their new Sero TV. While we’ve seen Samsung come up with some truly creative TV designs, what made the Sero so special is that it is a rotating TV. This means that the TV can be rotated horizontally or vertically depending on your needs, versus the majority of TV designs which are usually in landscape mode.

Samsung Launches A Subscription Service For Its Galaxy S20
The subscription model has been around for a while now, but in recent years, we’re starting to see an explosion in popularity. This is because subscriptions tend to be more lucrative as it constantly generates revenue for a company versus one-off purchases. It is also good for users because a constant subscription will encourage developers to keep their products updated.

OnePlus 8 Pro VS Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra In Speed Test
Right now, two of the hottest flagship Android phones in the market right now would probably have to be the OnePlus 8 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. This means that some of you are probably torn between either device, and thanks to a video uploaded onto YouTube by PhoneBuff, hopefully it can help you arrive at a decision.

Samsung Money Is The Company’s Answer To The Apple Card
Earlier this month, Samsung revealed that they were planning on launching their own debit card. Now it looks like the company has done just that as Samsung has taken the wraps off what they’re calling “Samsung Money by SoFi”. For those unfamiliar, SoFi is the fintech company that Samsung has chosen to partner with for its debit card.

Samsung’s Terrace TV Has Been Designed For Outdoors Use
TVs were mostly designed for indoor use, but we get it, sometimes it can be nice to have a BBQ outdoors, have a pool party, and then watch some movies while enjoying the nice outdoors air. However, the problem with putting a TV outdoors is that you’re subjecting it to the elements, meaning that over time, it can get damaged.

Check Out The Samsung Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition
If there is a problem with today’s flagship smartphones, is that they are not only incredibly expensive, but are pretty fragile too. This is because the phones were mostly designed to look good, and not necessarily rugged. However, it seems that Samsung thinks they can do both by creating the Samsung Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition.