Netflix To Drop Support For Older Samsung Smart TVs In December

TVs aren’t really devices that we change or upgrade frequently. However, it seems that if you largely rely on your smart TV to access apps like Netflix, then you might want to take note because if you own one of Samsung’s older smart TVs, come December, support for Netflix will be dropped.

Samsung Could Have A Smartphone With A 108MP Camera In The Works

These days when the performance in smartphones are starting to feel the same, one of the main differences that smartphone makers are trying to achieve would be in the camera department. In fact, it seems that Samsung could very well take the cake with the launch of a 108MP camera in a smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Review: 28 Days Later Editor's Pick

The Galaxy Fold is now available in the U.S, shortly after selling out in Korea during its initial debut.It brings a new smartphone experience centered on what Samsung calls “a new dawn in display technology.” The company pitches the Fold as being “phone and tablet” in one device.

Samsung One UI 2 Lays Groundwork For Future Phone Designs

One UI 2, Samsung’s proprietary User Interface (UI), was outlined by Yoojin Hong (Vice President of the User Experience Design Team) during today’s SDC developer conference in San Jose.


Samsung New Vertical Folding Phone Design

During the Samsung Developer Conference 2019 keynote, Samsung was outlining One UI 2, its proprietary User Interface for Galaxy devices (and beyond).

Two New Samsung Galaxy Book Laptops At SDC 2019

During the Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) in San Jose (California), Samsung has announced three new laptops aimed at “younger millennials” who don’t want to compromise on portability, no matter the task at hand. To address this market, Samsung proposes thin & light and ultralight solutions going from 13.3 to 15.6 inches displays.

Samsung’s Marketing Stunt With ‘SpaceSelfie’ Went South

Samsung, in a move to promote the Galaxy S10, started to use high-altitude balloons to promote their flagships. But, it didn’t end well – for the balloon.The ‘SpaceSelfie’ balloon crashed in someone’s yard. The Michigan couple found it in their yard and reported the same on October 26th.Fortunately, the balloon did not cause any harm or damaged the property in any way. In case you did not know about Samsung’s […]

Samsung Just Patented A Bunch Of Pretty Crazy Phone Ideas

Samsung, like many companies, is probably working on new ideas all the time. Whether or not we will see those ideas become a reality is anyone’s guess, but thanks to the folks at Patently Apple, they have come across several smartphone patents that could hint at what Samsung could potentially be working on.

Banking Apps Start To Blacklist Samsung Galaxy S10 Following Fingerprint Flaw

As you might have heard, Samsung’s newer smartphones that use an in-display fingerprint sensor, have a vulnerability where it seems that using a cheap $3 screen protector is enough to fool it into unlocking for anyone. This has led to security concerns and as such, several banking institutions have started to blacklist the phone for the time-being from using their apps.

What’s New In Samsung One UI for Android 10 (Beta)?

Recently, Samsung announced the One UI beta program for the Galaxy S10 series in the U.S. Even though only selected customers will be able to get their hands-on, it will be a major ‘One UI’ update on top of the new Android 10.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Can Be Unlocked By Any Fingerprint

Just like every other smartphone (ranging from cheap $200 Android devices to the premium Pixel devices), Samsung’s Galaxy S10 should unlock when using the fingerprint unlock.Yes, that is obvious. However, what would you do if it unlocks the device even if the fingerprint does not match? Well, that is scary if you have important documents stored.And, that is what happens with the new Galaxy S10. Samsung has a track record […]

Samsung Released A Tool To Check Your TV For OLED Burn-In

Did you know that over time, OLED displays can cause burn-ins? In case you’re not familiar with the concept of burn-in displays, basically it happens when you leave images on your display that are static for prolonged periods of time. Eventually, that image will be “burned” into your display, so that even when new content is display, there will be a faint ghost of the previous image overlaid on top […]

Samsung Galaxy Fold Premier Service Goes Live In The US

One of the ways that Samsung wanted the Galaxy Fold to stand out from the competition wasn’t just based on hardware, but also the after sales service where the company planned to offer a concierge-like service for customers. Given that the phone is priced at an eye-watering $2,000, we imagine that customers probably won’t be satisfied with just the hardware alone.

iPhone 11 Pro Max VS Galaxy Note 10+ In Battery Test

One of the new features that got everyone pretty excited about when the iPhone 11 smartphones were announced, was the promise of battery life that would last hours longer than the previous gen iPhones. Many thought it was marketing hyperbole, but based on the reviews we’ve read so far, it seems that Apple has indeed delivered what they promised.