Samsung Galaxy Home Mini Revealed In FCC Filing

Last year, Samsung launched the Galaxy Home smart speaker. However, it wasn’t too long after the launch that we heard that Samsung could actually have another smart speaker in the works, a smaller version of the Galaxy Home known as the Galaxy Home Mini. Given that Amazon and Google have smaller versions of their speakers, such as the Echo Dot and the Home Mini, this news hardly came as a […]

Samsung’s Older Smartwatches Will Be Updated With Galaxy Watch Active Features

The problem with our gadgets is that over time, they eventually start to get out of date and companies will stop supporting them. This means that if you want to have the latest features, you’ll need to spring for a new device. However, the good news is that if you own an older Samsung smartwatch, it seems that you might not need to.

Samsung Galaxy Owners Will Have Access To A Secret (Food) Menu

Secret menus at restaurants have become rather popular, where they usually contain dishes that not many people might know about, and in some cases, might actually be more tasty than what’s being offered to the public. It can be fun finding out these secret menu items, and it seems that if you’re a Samsung Galaxy owner, you’ll be able to access some of them.

This Is How Samsung Is Improving The Galaxy Fold

When Samsung sent out the Galaxy Fold to reviewers for review, it seems that they did not teach these reviewers how to handle the phone properly, leading to some of them damaging their devices. To Samsung’s credit, the company took responsibility for it and recalled those review units, vowing to make improvements so that they would be more durable.


Apple TV App, AirPlay 2 Are Coming To Samsung’s 2019 Smart TVs

Apple and Samsung are rivals and there’s no denying it. However, both companies do seem to understand that there are benefits to working with each other, and that’s exactly what has happened. Samsung has recently announced that for its 2019 smart TVs, they will be bringing the new Apple TV app to it and also support for AirPlay 2.

Samsung Will Have A New Launch Date For The Galaxy Fold Soon

As you might have heard, Samsung recently announced the delay of their Galaxy Fold handset. This was following a variety of reports of durability issues which forced Samsung to recall the review units that were sent out. For a while, it also sounded like the company still had no new launch date in sight.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Could Come With A Whopping 64MP Camera Sensor

According to recent rumors, it has been suggested that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 could be launched with a quad camera setup. This will make the phone similar in terms of a camera setup to the 5G version of the Samsung Galaxy S10. Now it seems that we might have more clues as to what kind of camera the phone could be packing.

Samsung Is Asking Customers If They Wish To Cancel Their Galaxy Fold Orders

Samsung was expected to launch their Galaxy Fold foldable smartphone, but due to reports of early review units running into durability issues, the company decided to delay the launch of the smartphone. Samsung has yet to officially confirm when the phones are expected to be ready for shipment, but in the meantime, it seems that they are allowing customers to cancel their orders.

Samsung Confirms They Are Working On Under-Display Camera Tech

At the moment, the only way for handsets to feature a “true” full-screen display is by using a popup or slideout front-facing camera. Otherwise, the alternative is by using a notch that houses the components, or by using a hole-punch display. However, the good news is that Samsung could soon launch phones with the “perfect” full-screen display.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Expected To Feature More Pronounced Curves

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be launching in the later part of the year and for the most part, many seem to expect the Note 10 to not look too different from the Note 9 in 2018. That’s not surprising because for the most part, Samsung’s design language in the past few years has mostly been about refining the process rather than introduce new ones.

Samsung Galaxy S10e Review

The Samsung Galaxy S10e (“e” as in “Essentials”) is the common denominator of the Galaxy S10 line of products and represents the “base feature set” of the Galaxy S10 family. In our opinion, It exists for two purposes: having a compact high-end phone and an affordable 2019 Galaxy S.

A Samsung Galaxy S10 5G In Korea Has Caught On Fire

We imagine that the snafu with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 catching on fire is probably still quite a sore spot for Samsung, and that the company has definitely learnt from their mistakes. However, we’re sure we can’t be the only ones to start feeling a bit uneasy whenever we hear reports about Samsung phones catching on fire.

Samsung Has A TV That Lets You Watch Videos In Portrait Mode

The way our smartphones are designed, more often than not a lot of us record videos in portrait mode. This results in our videos, when watch on the computer, featuring thick black borders at the side to compensate for shooting it in portrait mode. However, Samsung thinks that they might have the answer to that problem.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Could Sport 4,500mAh Battery

While we’re sure many are more than happy to welcome fancy bleeding-edge tech in their smartphones, we also wish that companies would make more effort in improving on older tech as well, such as the battery on our smartphones where till this date, most of the time our phones don’t last for more than a day.