Samsung Has Launched Its First Triple Camera Smartphone, The Galaxy A7

A new mid-range smartphone has been announced today and it’s more than just a conventional affordably priced handset. It’s actually the company’s first smartphone with a triple camera. Samsung has never made a smartphone before with three cameras at the back. They’re not really unique anymore as Huawei has made a device with triple camera already. Nevertheless, this is Samsung’s first offering called the Galaxy A7.

Samsung Notebook Odyssey Z Gaming Machine Available Now

Samsung unveiled its Notebook Odyssey Z gaming laptop back in April this year. Almost six months after the product was first announced, the company has now confirmed that it’s finally available for purchase in the United States. If you’re in the market for a new gaming laptop then Samsung would like you to check out its latest product.

Samsung Provides Fix For Accidental Bixby Key Presses On Galaxy Note 9

The dedicated Bixby key has been a constant on Samsung’s flagship smartphones since the Galaxy S8 and it won’t be going away any time soon. There have been settings and options that could be used to disable Bixby on these devices but one of those options was removed from the Galaxy Note 9. This made it impossible to fully disable Bixby on the device so that accidental presses didn’t bring […]

Samsung Galaxy S10 Could Come In Four Different Models

The Samsung Galaxy S10 will be launched in 2019 and assuming Samsung keeps doing what they’re doing, there will be at least two different variants of the handset available: one which a smaller display and the other with a larger display. However that could change in 2019 where there could actually be more than two models.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Review Editor's Pick

Samsung has recently launched the Galaxy Tab S4, a productivity-oriented tablet which represents the highest performance and quality Android tablet the brand has to offer today. In this review, we’ll go over how it fits in the market, how it is to use it, and how it performs.

Samsung May Discontinue Galaxy J Lineup For A New Galaxy M Series

Samsung recently said that it’s going to focus more on its affordable lineup down the road and introduce new technologies on these models. Some recent reports have highlighted the steps that the company is now taking to make this aim a reality. To that end, it may be discontinuing the budget Galaxy J lineup in favor of an entirely new series branded as the Galaxy M.

Samsung Mobile Chief Claims Galaxy S10 Will Have ‘Significant’ Design Changes

If there’s something that we’ve noticed about Samsung’s phones over the years is that for the most part, they don’t seem to feature very massive updates in terms of design. Instead they seem to be changing in small ways, which isn’t a bad thing as it simply means that Samsung found a design that works for them and are just tweaking it along the way.

Samsung May Not Be Supplying All iPhone OLED Panels Now

The iPhone X was Apple’s first smartphone with an OLED display. Samsung Display, a subsidiary of its biggest rival, is one of the few companies with the quality and scale of OLED panel production to meet demand from a customer like Apple which is why it was the sole supplier of the iPhone X’s OLED panel. However, it appears that Samsung may not be the sole supplier for Apple’s latest […]

Woman Sues Samsung Over Exploding Galaxy Note 9

Diane Chung, a real estate agent based in Long Island, has filed a lawsuit against Samsung claiming that her Galaxy Note 9 caught fire. The ill-fated Galaxy Note 7 damaged Samsung’s reputation quite a bit due to its battery defect that resulted in the product being discontinued merely weeks after it was released. Chung claims in her lawsuit that something similar has happened with the Galaxy Note 9.

Samsung’s Smartphone With Four Cameras May Have Display-Based Fingerprint Sensor

It was rumored a few weeks ago that Samsung has a new device up its sleeve with four cameras at the back. The rumor may not have sounded plausible to many people since the company has never done a device like this. It’s yet to even release a smartphone with three cameras at the back. While some believed that the rumor might not have been about a smartphone, Samsung dropped […]

Galaxy S10 May Retain The Rear Fingerprint Sensor

The Galaxy S10 is widely believed to be Samsung’s first flagship smartphone with a display-based fingerprint sensor. Recent reports have suggested that the company will opt for Qualcomm’s third-generation in-display fingerprint sensor. A new rumor has surfaced now which suggests that Samsung may not completely get rid of the rear-mounted fingerprint sensor on its next flagship.

Samsung And Google Support Richer Text Messaging Between Their Apps

Like many of Google’s OEM partners, Samsung has its own set of native apps on its Android-powered devices. In a bid to provide a richer text messaging experience to all users, both Samsung and Google have announced that they are working together to improve messaging experiences and interoperability between Samsung Messages and Android Messages.

Silver Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Variant Leaked

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is available in several different color options, but in case you wanted yet another color option to choose from, then you might be interested to learn that a render posted onto Slashleaks seems to suggest that a new silver variant of the phone could be in the works.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Could Focus On S Pen Improvements

The S Pen is basically one of the unique features of Samsung’s Galaxy Note series. While the Galaxy S series has been seeing an increase in display size which used to be one of the Note series’ selling points, the S Pen and the features it affords users is one of the handset’s main draws.