The iPad has been called many things, but this tablet (as well as its successor, the iPad 2) has certainly created a whole new niche of devices – or rather, kickstarted the whole tablet revolution with masses adopting it like never before. Having such a huge market means there is also a huge accessory market to take advantage of, which is where the Alesis iO Dock comes in. This docking station will allow your iPad to create, record, and produce music using professional gear. Retailing for $399 a pop, it will play nice with both the iPad and iPad 2, allowing just about any instrument or professional gear to be connected to the dock. Some of the features include Core MIDI support and a couple of combination XLR and 1/4-inch inputs. There is also a convenient guitar-direct switch that allows the guitarist to play and record right into the iPad’s amplifier. We’re just waiting for the first Billboard Top 100 hit recorded on the iPad….

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