Genius MousePen M508WWhen the pen tablet was first created for the computer, it took digital art to a whole new level. Users could create fantastic artwork without making a mess while having access to tools like undo, copy, paste and scale at their disposal to help them craft their masterpieces. But one of the limitations about pen tablets was that you would have to work right next to the computer due to the length of the tablet’s USB cable. The ability to draw anytime, and anywhere you want with pen and paper gives it a notch over the pen tablet. Well, the folks over at Genius have released a new pen tablet that overcomes some of these limitations. While the MousePen M508W won’t allow you to draw outdoors like you would like, you’re no longer restricted to sitting in at your desk while you work. Perfect for working with a projector or when giving presentations. The tablet connects to the computer via a wireless USB receiver is powered by three AAA batteries, while the stylus is powered by 2 AA batteries. The tablet has 4 on-board programmable buttons, and comes with software to make life easier for you. It works on both Windows and Mac operating systems, and is available now for $149.

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