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Lenovo Yoga Book C930 Review
The touch activated dual-display Yoga Book C930  is a “one a kind” computing device that cannot be categorized under any existing market segment since it is neither a laptop nor a tablet and cannot be viewed only as a note-taking product or a 2-in-1 tablet. That is why, unlike our typical reviews, it is difficult to compare it to any mobile computing product currently available.The successor of the first Yoga […]

Wacom And Microsoft Look To Create The ‘Ultimate Stylus’
The way we interact with our devices have certainly changed a whole lot, moving far beyond the simple mouse and keyboard combination as touch has taken on a very prominent role to boot. At Microsoft’s BUILD 2016, the new Windows Ink was introduced, being a platform of applications and features which have been optimized for pen input. It seems that Microsoft will also be working alongside Wacom so that their […]

Olympus Stylus 1s Offers Slight Improvement Over Its Predecessor
It was in October last year that we brought you word about the announcement of the Olympus Stylus 1s over in the Land of the Rising Sun. Well, it was reported then that the Olympus Stylus 1s would go up for sale the month after that, and what of those of us living in the West? I guess all of the waiting is about to come to an end, as […]

Adonit Jot Pro And Jot Mini Styluses Updated With Improved Grips
Drawing on your smartphone or tablet using your finger can be a bit clumsy, which is why many artists have turned to using styluses if they’re hoping to achieve a bit more accuracy. These styluses are also great for those who want to jot down handwritten notes in a neater and more accurate manner.Well if you’re in the market for such accessories, Adonit has recently unveiled two new styluses in […]


Apple Gets New Patent Granted
We have learned that Apple has been granted a spanking new patent by the USPTO today, where this particular patent would offer the description of a new kind of stylus in detail, which would allow it to capture handwriting directly from a user, even as the user uses it on a wide range of surfaces, where it will be accompanied by a collection of writing nibs that would enable one […]

The Mozbii Is A Stylus That Doubles Up As A Color Picker
Update – A reader’s comment has pointed out to us that the Scribble Pen turned out to be a scam. We should point out that there are times that Kickstarter projects do turn out to be scams and that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. This isn’t to say that the Mozbii is a scam, but you should probably be a bit wary should you […]

Wacom Bamboo Stylus Range Announced
Wacom, a name where many of us are familiar with when it comes to digital pens as well as digitizer tablets, has just announced its latest range of digital pens that will arrive in the form of the Bamboo Stylus solo, duo, fineline and Intuos Creative Stylus 2. Being in the third generation now, the Wacom Bamboo Stylus will boast of an upgraded tip that would replace the stuttery rubber […]

Adobe Ink and Adobe Slide Connected Stylus and Ruler for iPad
Today, Adobe introduced two new pieces of hardware to enhance the drawing experience on tablets, namely the stylus Adobe Ink and the connected ruler Adobe Slide.Adobe Ink is a three-sided stylus for iPad running iOS7 that features 2048 pressure levels, the current highest standard for digital pens.  Ink allows user to draw on the iPad and connects to Creative Cloud, where users can access their creative assets and their apps.Adobe […]

Thanko's Thumb Stylus Lets You Use Big Smartphones With One Hand
While smartphones with large displays look good for watching movies, viewing photos, surfing the web, and playing games on, the downside is that if you have small hands, then trying to use the phone with one hand can be a problem. Imagine having small hands and trying to reach to the other end of the screen but you are unable to do so; it can get pretty frustrating.That being said, […]

Elektra Nails Are Styluses That Can Be Worn On Your Fingers
Long nails and smartphone touchscreens just don’t play nicely together. Perhaps back in the day of the resistive touchscreen, that would have been a whole different story. However given that most touhcscreens these days are of the capacitive nature, women and men with long fingernails can probably attest to how difficult it is to interact with their devices. Well fret not because a company called Elektra Nails is hoping to […]

FiftyThree Launches Pencil Stylus For Their Paper App
While some tablets and smartphones do support styluses, it’s usually better when stylus support has been integrated into the smartphone itself. Samsung has done a wonderful job with the S Pen and their Galaxy Note series of devices, and if you were looking for similar support for iOS, you’re in luck as the developers of the app Paper have developed a new stylus called Pencil. While it does play nicely […]

Adobe Introduces Bluetooth Smart Stylus, Ruler Projects
Adobe seems to be making some serious moves today as they announced they’ll be moving their products beyond physical boxes and instead will allow its customers to purchase them online through subscriptions. But that isn’t the only bit of news the company is announcing as they’re also looking to create two pieces of hardware known as the Project Mighty stylus and Napoleon ruler.Both the stylus and ruler use low-energy Bluetooth to […]

Adobe Mighty Pen Stylus And Napoleon Ruler
Adobe does not only churn out software it seems, as at the recent MAX conference, it seems as though Adobe is working on hardware as well as they paraded a couple of prototype devices for tablet artists. These two devices would be the Mighty Pen stylus and Napoleon ruler. Both prototype devices are currently firmly entrenched in the Research & Development phase, where they will eventually arrive on the market […]

The iSpoon Doubles As A Spoon And A Stylus
It seems that you can add an “I” in front of anything these days and suddenly it sounds more hip. But what about kitchenware? Well the folks at Umbra might have something for you in the form of the iSpoon which is (as pictured above) a spoon that doubles as a stylus! Yup, the black portion of the spoon is actually a stylus which we imagine will be able to […]