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Nomad's Base Station Pro Is A Replacement To Apple's AirPower
Unfortunately, Apple’s much-anticipated AirPower was canceled earlier this year. This was heartbreaking news for Apple fans and tech enthusiasts wanting to get their hands on a wireless charging device that promised to wirelessly charge supported Apple devices.However, Nomad – a company responsible for cool accessories has now come up with an alternative to AirPower i.e Base Station Pro.With Base Station Pro, Nomad aims to target the potential fans and enthusiasts […]

Barclaycard Launches bPay Band In London
If you happen to be a commuter in London, then here is some good news for you as the financial folks over at Barclaycard have started to launch the first batch of their wireless payment bracelet, where it is known as the bPay band. The bPay band was specially designed in order to ensure that your mornings get a little bit more “zip” than usual.

Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Earbuds Does More Than Just Music
Now it is not everyday that we see a pair of earbuds that will not only deliver quality music to your ears, but it will also groove to those who happen to be avid gym goers. Enter the Jabra Sport Pulse wireless earbuds that is an all-in-one training solution as it works in tandem alongside the Jabra Sport Life application. Merging an in-ear biometric heart rate monitor, the Jabra Sport […]

ChargeSpot Delivers Another Wireless Charging Option
Wireless charging technology has certainly come a long way since it was first introduced, and even vehicles are working on delivering Qi wireless charging capability to passengers in a car. Here is another option for those who are considering picking up a wireless charger – the ChargeSpot, where this particular wireless charger has been specially developed, targeting various venues for it to see action, offices included.


Broadcom Chip Offers Full Compatibility With All Wireless Charging Standards
They say that wireless charging is the future, and I certainly would not want to dispute such a claim in any way. After all, we have seen major vehicle makers such as Audi and Toyota working to incorporate wireless charging technology into their rides, while smartphones too, have not missed out on the ride. The thing about wireless charging is this, there seem to be way too many different standards, […]

Cota Wireless Power Solution Works Even Beyond Walls
There is just something about charging up your devices wirelessly – this seems to be the new way of getting things done, especially as we move onwards and upwards in a technologically advanced environment. From paperless to wireless, the latter certainly makes life a whole lot more convenient since there aren’t any more pesky cables or wires to worry about. Ossia has demonstrated the ability to charge smartphones via two […]

Sony MDR-HW700DS Is World’s First 9.1ch Digital Surround Wireless Headphones System
Sony is at it again, trying to carve out its niche in history with the new Sony MDR-HW700DS digital surround wireless headphones system. Basically, Sony claims that this is the first 9.1-channel digital surround wireless headphones system in the world, where you will be able to enjoy the depth of your listening experience through the different choices of sound effect modes available to you – letting you optimize the listening […]

Dell Backs The Alliance For Wireless Power
It seems that the world is enamored with the world of wireless connectivity, especially when it comes to being mobile. Wireless connectivity has proven to be one “feature” in places such as hotels as well as restaurants and cafes that are a guaranteed crowd puller, but what is the next step of wireless connectivity that one is able to take? Why, wireless charging, of course. This is not new, of […]

Netatmo's Wireless Thermostat Can Be Controlled From Your Smartphone Anywhere
When there’s extreme cold or heat in your home, one of the last things you want to do is make your way over to the thermostat in order to make your home, and as a result, yourself and those around you, comfortable. There aren’t many wireless thermostats on the market, although Netatmo has teamed up with Philippe Starck in order to create a new thermostat that can be controlled through […]

Stickers Could Work As A Cheap Wireless Sensor Network
A special set of inexpensive stickers could work in tandem to form a wireless sensor network.

Wireless Dash Warning Light Warns You Of Slowing Traffic
Here is a wireless dash warning light that could potentially help you avoid accidents.

Wireless Charging System Juices Up Medical Implants
António Abreu, a PhD Student at the MIT Portugal Program who works at LNEG (Laboratório Nacional de Energia e Geologia I.P.), has been hard at work in developing a wireless charging system that will cater for implantable medical devices. This particular project that he has been sweating over makes plenty of sense. After all, if you were to have some sort of medical implant keeping you alive, it certainly needs […]

Sprint 4G LTE coming to 100 more cities in ‘coming months’
Sprint subscribers have long been waiting for the carrier to expand the reach of its 4G LTE services. The carrier has been offering 3G connectivity to its users on a fairly nation-wide scale but its 4G LTE services have been confined to only 19 metropolitan areas so far.Now, the carrier has made an announcement today, stating that it is actively working on building the infrastructure required for 4G LTE in […]

TP-Link Wireless N Nano USB adapter
Yes sir, the smallest USB adapters that we have seen thus far tend to belong to wireless mice, but here we are with something that works best on legacy notebooks – that is, notebooks without Wi-Fi connectivity, which is a rarity these days. Of course, if your current notebook runs on 802.11b/g, then you can also look into the TP-Link Wireless N Nano USB adapter as it offers 802.11n capability, […]