AIS Touch Screen Human Machine Interface Terminal American Industrial Systems Inc. (AIS) has just rolled out a new 5.7” Touch Screen Human Machine Interface Terminal that will feature ultra-low power consumption, shock, vibration and temperature resistance, Microsoft Windows CE, and a compact small form factor. The graphic OIT which you will receive will be an open, non-proprietary system, making it ideal for automation applications in factories, buildings, and machines – after all, those are instances where reliability and durability are most critical to keep one’s operation up and running. 

AIS intends to make this a cost effective system that was specially designed with an IP64 protected front panel complete with an integrated touch screen display which will do its bit to seal out dust and water, letting it operate even in environmentally challenging conditions without missing a beat.

The open platform human machine interface system will rely on a 520MHz RISC-based processor that delivers high performance and extreme low power consumption. Apart from that, it will come with a rugged solid state 1GB of storage and embedded Windows CE 5.0 that has already been preloaded on the system. You need an Internet connection with this? That’s easy, just use the built-in Wi-Fi 802.11b/g connectivity and you’ll remain connected sans cables.

This 5.7” HMI operator station is said to be able to work even in extreme industrial conditions (where they say that work is hell, it ought to fare well there, too), boasting an operating temperature range of -20C to 60C. VESA standard mounting holes have been made available on every unit for easy deployment into any installation. [Press Release]

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