CloudTalkCloudTalk, a communications platform, has just launched their new iOS and Android messaging app. There are scores of mobile messaging services such as the popular WhatsApp. However, most are pretty much smaller version of what we have known on PC for years: relatively simple IM clients. CloudTalk  is simple to use, but lets you include photos or even videos  in your messages. The App also lets you add as many conversation participants as you want: from one person to the whole CloudTalk community, the system would support it.

But if you fear a message overload, don’t be afraid: you don’t have to reply. Instead you can “like” a comment/photo/video, Facebook-style. Talking about Facebook, CloudTalk offer new users several ways to find friends who might already be in their community: it will scan the contacts on the phone and the Facebook contacts as well.

CloudTalk is kind of what I wish SMS (or MMS) was. At this point, you will still have to rally your friends to not feel alone in there, but once your community has been setup CloudTalk is one of the most impressive mobile messaging app that we have played with.

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