Contenta Video Browser

If you’ve got tons of videos on your computer and you’re looking for footage to compile into a video montage, you know how troublesome it can get to look for that one clip that you really want but forgot what you named it. Well the folks over at Contenta have come up with a solution called the Contenta Video Browser. This program essentially lists all the videos you have on your computer, and at the same time it generates thumbnails for each video, according to set time intervals. This means that you won’t have to find videos by name, but by how the scene looks instead. And when you find what you need, you can even export a section of that video to get what you only need.

In case you’re not into editing and don’t need to cut up videos, you can just set bookmarks for you to hop back into the scene to watch it again. It supports many video formats (it can handle a format as long as you have the codec on your computer), and it can read files straight from your camera devices i.e. DSLR, smartphone, video camera, and even clips you’ve downloaded. If you’ve got gigabytes of video footage on your computer, you can’t really go wrong with an organizer like this. Contenta Video Browser (for Windows) is available now for $29.90.

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