thankviewIn the first half of the previous century, all the way to the late 1980s or early 1990s, many people do communicate with one another through letters and postcards. Well, that is the norm, and it did not look like anything would come around to disrupt things, but it did. E-mail changed the way we communicated forever, and now, the only kind of snail mail that we receive would be bills and ads in our physical mailboxes. To say thank you, too, is more often than not done via a text message. What if you were old school and would like to say so much more? Video thank you notes do get the job done.

A personal thank you note – done in the video way, is a whole lot more interesting than mass emails or pre-printed cards, and this is where the ThankView service comes in handy, as you are able to send personalized videos to loved ones and friends. Members can make use of their smartphones or computers to record those messages, throwing in bits of animation and other pictures if they so desire, in order to turn it into an individualized “thank you” in video form. All of these notes will be delivered in an animated “envelope” for the recipient to “open.” Upon doing so, the message will play.

Packages will begin from $20 for 25 videos, and you can always opt for the big kahuna – $175 for 400 videos.

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