For quite some time, Adobe has made many efforts to offer mainstream users easy-to-use creative tools such as Photoshop Element and the Touch Apps. If you are unfamiliar with Adobe Touch Apps, it is an image editing app suite specifically designed for touch displays, for Smartphones or tablets.

Knowing that video is the key driver for online audience, with YouTube making almost 20% of the internet traffic, the company developed a compelling tool that enables people to easily create animated stories in minutes.

From the Adobe Voice application, users have access to example videos, a library of 25,000 professionally designed icons, millions of images on the Web or users’ own photos, a number of effects, a selection of music and animated themes. Within a few minutes and a few taps, you can create an appealing video using all those pre-produced visual elements and tell a compelling story by simply recording your voice on top. Then you can share the result on multiple social networking sites.

Adobe Voice is available today for free from the App Store. Check the Adobe video to see how it works.

Features highlight:

Users access story starters and example videos and a “wheel” of story ideas that helps them getting started from the first click.

Adobe Voice provides a library of over 25,000 professionally designed icons and access to millions of images on the Web or in the user’s own photo gallery

A graphics engine inspired by Adobe’s market-leading After Effects tool that automatically applies cinematic graphics to a story in real time, including motion blur, 3D, shadows and hundreds of other professional quality effects.

Animated themes that can be applied in one tap. The themes vary from a dusty chalkboard drawing style to an animated watercolor.

A selection of music that automatically balances with the Adobe Voice recording, which provides a professional-like sound quality (according to Adobe).

A credits page that is automatically added to the end of all videos with every Creative  Commons icon or image used is credited properly.

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