If you’re an oil baron or royalty, or just too flush with cash, then carry on reading. It isn’t everyday that you find a toilet that is worth more than your 10-year old Toyota, and for $6,390, we do question the sanity of having the Kohler Numi toilet in your home. Rolling out later this month, this puppy doesn’t come with just a bidet, but will keep everyone during winter happy with its environmentally friendly dual flush system, deodorizer and dryer, a foot-warmer (!) and speakers which lets you play back a pre-programmed song – of course, we would assume that such a tune would help stir that bowel movement of yours.

If pre-programmed music is not your thing, there is always the integrated FM radio to know what the resident radio station DJs are up to. With that kind of money, you will find the intuitive auto open-and-close lid and seat to be a winner in rocky marriages, especially for couples who still can’t come to terms that the toilet seat needs to be up/down (depending on perspective).

So purchasing high-end toilets now is a status symbol, what next?

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