NeatStitch of Israel has come up with an automated port closure device known as NeatClose, where it also picked up both FDA and European approvals in the process. Just what is the NeatClose exactly? Well, it is marketed to be an alternative to manual closure, making it a speedy and efficient manner to help hospitals save time and money by lowering intraoperative costs. This system lets surgeons produce a watertight seal within seconds, and it goes without saying that this would go a long way in aiding the recovery of a patient, never mind that one does not have Wolverine’s healing factor. When inside the operating cavity, the surgeon is able to squeeze the handle leavers in order to release a couple of blunt needle guides, where said guides are specially positioned in a perpendicular manner to the port plane. With the activation button pressed, it will release the needles from the guide, via the tissue and back to the NeatClose cartridge. Once the system is pulled outside the port, you can be sure that a safe and eff icient air tight seal is created, hence aiding the recovery of a patient for surgery quickly. Now we’re still waiting for a painless method without the need for anaesthesia, but that’s a long way in coming.

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