Sony Ericsson W8


While the original incarnations of the Walkman hasn’t been around for quite some time now, it looks like Sony refuses to let the brand name die – then again, if it’s iconic, why not milk it for all it’s worth right? The first Android Walkman phone has finally been announced by Sony Ericsson Indonesia. Called the W8, it deserves to be called a Walkman phone – because in 2011, the phone might as well be a cassette player.

The W8 is essentially a rebrand of the Xperia X8 released last year. And instead of its white finish, you’ll get to have it in 3 different colors and the Walkman logo slapped onto it. Internally, its specs are the same as the X8 – a 600MHz processor, 168MB of RAM, a 3″ display (320 x 480), a 3.5mm headphone jack and a 3.2megapixel camera. And unsurprisingly, it’s running on Android 2.1 (SE, it’s 2011 and you’re still releasing phones that run on Éclair?!).

No word if the phone will make it to our shores, but it will be released in Asia sometime in Q2 this year. And judging by its specs, this phone shouldn’t be breaking anybody’s banks either.

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