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Sony Ericsson Windows Phone Jolie Prototype Arrives On eBay
You know something? Back in the day when there was no Sony Mobile, it was Sony Ericsson, and I still remember the buzz that surrounded the Sony Ericsson T68i that came with a color display and Bluetooth connectivity, now was that novel or what? Well, here is a relic from the past as it still carries the Sony Ericsson name, although its appearance on eBay is definitely a pleasant one, […]

Sony to maintain Sony Ericsson logo for a while more?
We do know that Sony and Ericsson have already parted ways where their smartphone partnership is concerned since last year, with Sony Mobile going it solo since then. They have done pretty well for themselves, I say, and to date, their Sony Xperia range of smartphones are definitely worth looking into, and made for a more than decent Android-powered device. Word on the street has it that Sony might just […]

Sony Ericsson "Julie" Windows Phone prototype spotted in video
When it comes to Windows Phone devices, most of us tend to think of Nokia, Samsung and HTC. Sony has stated in the past that they have no immediate plans for Windows Phone handsets which has us wondering why they might have passed up on the opportunity to release the handset in the video above. Dubbed the “Sony Ericsson Julie” (branded Jolie in the video), we have to admit that […]

Sony Ericsson Windows Phone prototype up for grabs on eBay
Sony Ericsson was reported to have a prototype Windows Phone device that never saw the light of day – but it looks like you can get your hands on one of them. An eBay user managed to get his/her hands on the phone and has put it up for auction, giving anybody who’s willing to spend some money the opportunity to own the device.While not much is known about the […]


Ice Cream Sandwich beta ROM available for Sony Xperia phones
If you want Android Ice Cream Sandwich on your 2011 Xperia smartphone rightaway and you don’t want to wait for the final version to drop, you’re in luck. Sony has decided to release the beta version of the Ice Cream Sandwich ROM for its 2011 Xperia smartphones today. But because it is an early version of upcoming update – you can expect certain features to be broken or missing at […]

Sony Ericsson Xperia NX up for pre-order next week
Remember the Sony Xperia S that was launched during CES 2012 last month? The phone was reported to be arriving sometime in March in the UK, but it looks like it’ll be arriving in Japan a month earlier. According to reports online, the phone (known as the Xperia NX in Japan) will go up for pre-order on February 10th and will be arriving on NTT DoCoMo on February 24th – […]

Sony Ericsson Xperia active Billabong Edition
Now is this the longest name for a smartphone, or what? The Sony Ericsson Xperia active Billabong Edition is certainly a mouthful, but when you see the name Billabong emblazoned across it, you know for sure that those leading an active lifestyle would be the target market of Sony Ericsson. Specially designed “with extreme sports enthusiasts in mind,” this phone will come pre-loaded with exclusive wallpapers in addition to other […]

Sony Xperia LT22i "Nypon" to be called Xperia P?
Last week, the Indonesian Postel website revealed the name of the Kumquat as the Xperia U and now it looks like they’ve revealed yet another name. According to its website, the LT22i currently known as “Nypon” will be called the Xperia P at launch. Seeing how Sony has been using a single letter naming system (except for the Xperia ion) recently, it makes sense. It also falls in line with […]

Sony Ericsson ST25i Kumquat to be called Xperia U?
The Sony Ericsson Kumquat (ST25i) has been popping up all over the place recently, though with each day bringing us closer to MWC, it’s not hard to see why. The latest about the phone tells us something interesting about the device. Apparently the phone might be called the Sony Ericsson Xperia U when it goes on sale. This information comes from the Indonesian Postel website, which is likely to be […]

Sony Ericsson ST25i "Kumquat" caught in the wild
Sony seems to have a lot of trouble keeping its devices a secret, with numerous images of its upcoming phones popping up here and there. Latest to join the party is the ST25i aka Kumquat which has been mentioned before. Joining the LT22i Nypon and MT27i Pepper, the Kumquat is also expected to make its debut at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month.Judging by the photograph of the […]

Old Sony Ericsson prototype with Windows Phone 7 images surface
Sony Ericsson is no more, but that does not mean ghosts from the past cannot visit the present. It seems that previously unreleased photos of a prototype from Sony Ericsson was revealed, where this smartphone ran on the Windows Phone 7 operating system. Now, we all know that Sony Ericsson currently plays nice with Android and has not released nor announced a Windows Phone 7 device to date, but it […]

Sony Ericsson LT22i "Nypon" benchmarked by NenaMark
The Sony Ericsson Nypon might have been spotted in a photograph we wrote about on Monday, and today we have even more clues of its existence. The device has been spotted being benchmarked by NenaMark one day after the MT27i Pepper was noticed. The LT22i scored a 24.00 on average – lower than the 30.70 Xperia S so we should be able to confirm that the device won’t be as […]

Prototype Sony Ericsson Windows Phone spotted
Sony Ericsson has never officially announced its plans to create Windows Phone devices, but it looks like the company is doing some testing on the side, according to some photographs that recently surfaced. The folks over at managed to get their hands on some pictures of a Sony Ericsson phone running the Windows Phone operating system. The device is clearly labeled as a prototype device and still has “Ericsson” in […]

Sony Ericsson LiveView 2 to be announced at CES?
[CES 2012] Yesterday at CES some folks spotted an interesting looking device at the Sony Ericsson booth: a new gadget that looks a lot like the Sony Ericsson LiveView that was released last year. Resembling a bulky digital watch with a huge screen, the gadget comes with a green wristband that has a “spring-loaded clip” which should make it easy to attach or detach. No description was given with the […]

Sony Ericsson Pepper MT27i images leaked
Sony sure is going to be unveiling a number of devices at CES this year. In addition to the photographs they’ve been leaking on purpose, a new set of images sent over to the folks at have been published. This time the photographs show off a device believed to be the Sony Ericsson MT27i “Pepper”. The phone is supposedly the successor to the Xperia neo V and will feature […]

Sony Ericsson Nozomi leaked ahead of CES
The Sony Ericsson Nozomi, (touted to be the Xperia arc HD) has been leaked in the past before, but now it looks like we’ve got the clearest pictures of the device yet. The folks over at ITProPortal managed to get their hands on a set of images showing off the Android smartphone in all its glory. In addition to images of the phone, some pictures showing its benchmarking results were […]

Sony Ericsson superphone called Xperia Ion?
Over the past few weeks we’ve been hearing rumors about an upcoming Sony smartphone that features a high-resolution 13-megapixel camera and we don’t have a name for the phone besides the cryptic sounding “LT28at“. But according to the latest trademark registration from the company, Sony Ericsson has submitted an entry for a mobile phone named “Xperia Ion”. Could this be the name of the alleged superphone?It’s no surprise that Sony […]

Xperia PLAY gets Ice Cream Sandwich
Xperia PLAY owners sure are in for a treat. After getting OnLive compatibility yesterday, it looks like they’re in for another treat soon. Some developers have managed to successfully port Ice Cream Sandwich over to the gaming handset. And just like most first version of custom ROMs – you can expect parts not to be working. But hey – having Ice Cream Sandwich is better than not having it at […]

OnLive Mobile now supports Xperia PLAY
OnLive Mobile was released for Android devices a couple of weeks ago, and it looks like OnLive are already ready to enhance the mobile gaming experience. The company has just announced the release of an update for the app that brings support for the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY and its slide-out gamepad. While the onscreen controls weren’t anything to complain about, the support for hardware buttons takes the mobile game […]

Sony Ericsson Xperia neo V to come in champagne gold color
There is nothing quite like champagne gold to add a touch of elegance and class to a situation, and the same principle applies when it comes to smartphones and other gadgets. If you think that the current range of shades which color the Sony Ericsson Xperia neo V are too bland for your tastes, you might want to keep a lookout for the upcoming Champagne Gold color model. Too bad […]