When it comes to football (we’re talking American here, and not soccer, the beautiful game), it is one demanding sport that requires all who participate in it on the field to be in tip top physical condition. Of course, this would mean one would have to go through rigorous training all the time, and while you’re on the field making out your plays, it makes perfect sense to remain hydrated. Water is normally available at the sidelines, but the Hydromax system intends to prevent players from getting heatstroke since each player will tote around their personal armor-protected water supply.

It comprises of a plastic water bladder, accompanied by a flexible silicone feeder tube with a bite valve at the end. As for the Hydromax’s armored exterior pouch, it is attached with velcro to the back of the player’s shoulder pads. Located within the pouch is a wide, flat bladder, and such a shape goes a long way in dispersing impacts, while fitting in relatively unobtrusively under the player’s jersey. If you’re at the bottom of a pile, fret not – the bladder is capable of expanding up to eight times its normal size without bursting.

We do wonder how carrying the extra weight in water would affect the player’s speed and stamina throughout the game – maybe it isn’t such a good idea after all, but only time will tell whether this $49.99 purchase is well worth every penny or not.

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