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Steelers Rely On Robots During Practice
Technology has certainly helped the world of sports to be even more competitive, as there are various metrics that can be taken into consideration for improvement in performance. In football, “MVP” normally means most valuable player, but it happens to be known as the Mobile Virtual Player among the Steelers. The MVP here is a robotic dummy that can be operated via a remote control, and is being experimented with […]

Smart Football Gets Tracked
It does look as though everything around us is getting smarter and smarter, so to speak. Heck, we were even treated to what is known as the smart chopsticks from the folks over at Baidu which are supposedly able to keep track of whether the food you are about to consume is spoilt or not. Well, how about the world of sports? With the high stakes involved and multi-million dollar […]

World Cup Scores To Be Displayed On London Underground Network
The World Cup is about to kick off in just a few more days’ time, and you can tell that the rest of the world who are not on the same page as Brazil is where time zones are concerned have already made the necessary adjustments to check out one of the world’s most spectacular sporting agendas that comes by once every four years. Folks living in London who would […]

First Xbox One Commercial Highlights Everything But Gaming [Video]
Last night marked the official start of the 2013 football season, which means pretty much anyone and everyone that is mildly interested in sports were glued to their television sets. Microsoft knew this, which is why they chose last night as the perfect time to debut the first commercial for its upcoming next-generation console, the Xbox One.


Google, YouTube Execs Meet With NFL To Stream Football Games Online [Report]
Sundays in the U.S. will soon change as the 2013 NFL season will be upon us, making buffalo wings a scarce commodity for the next couple of months as football fans gather around their HDTVs to watch their favorite team pummel their opposition. But if there’s any truth behind a recent report, football fans could be getting their NFL fix via YouTube.

Nokia Makes Custom Lumia 920 For Man Utd's Sir Alex Ferguson
If you’re a football fan, you might have heard that Sir Alexander Ferguson has now stepped down from the helm at Manchester United football club. He’s been there since 1986 and has seen times and technologies change. Sir Alex is a much respected figure in the football community, with 13 Premier League Titles, two Champions League titles and five FA cups, why wouldn’t he be? So Nokia thought that it […]

BallCam Football Captures Rotating Video To Create Steady Images
We know when it comes to photographers and videographers, getting the perfect angle at the perfect time is what drives them when they’re trying to capture their subject. But if someone wanted to capture video from something throwable, let’s say a football, the only way that may work is if you strap a camera to the football. Now, you could just buy the BallCam.BallCam is exactly what it sounds like […]

Google Maps Gives You Unrestricted Access To NFL Stadiums
It seems in the past couple of months, Google has been thinking “What else can we map?” within its Google Maps application. We’re pretty sure they’ve already covered ever square inch of road in the world, which is probably why they turned to mapping the Grand Canyon last month. This month, Google looks to have caught football fever as they have successfully mapped their first football stadium, the Indianapolis Colts’ […]

Goal-line technology to undergo trial in England friendly
Did the ball cross the line, or did it not? What happens when the referee in a football match makes the wrong call, robbing a team of a goal, or awarding a ghost goal instead? That is part of why football is so exciting, as the error in judgment when humans are involved add more tension to the game. Of course, other sports like tennis have already adopted the Hawk […]

FIFA 12 is exclusive for the Xperia Play until February 2012
If you happen to own a Sony Ericsson Xperia Play handset and if you enjoy soccer games, both EA and Sony Ericsson have announced today that FIFA 12 will be available as an exclusive game title for the Xperia Play handset. The game is expected to roll out to other Sony Ericsson Xperia phones at a later date, but Xperia Play owners will get to enjoy the game first and […]

Footballers in the UK get QR codes shaved into their head
If you thought that the game of football (or better known as soccer in the US) was already too commercialized, it seems like they have taken it one step further by shaving QR codes into the back of players’ heads. The “lucky” football club that will be getting their heads shaved will be South-East London’s Bromley FC, who hired the hair stylist favored by both Wayne Rooney and Rio Ferdinand […]

iPad 2s given out to Tampa Bay Buccaneers
If you’re looking for more proof that technology has managed to integrate itself into our lives, football team the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have all been given an iPad 2 each, or to be more specific, 90 iPad 2s have been distributed to each and every one of their players.

GoPro helmet camera helps quarterback improve game
The GoPro helmet camera has been targeted for use with those who love living it up in rough and tumble adventures, but who would have thought that it would actually be used to help analyze a quarterback’s game? The New York Giants decided to assist free agent quarterback Ryan Perrilloux in training camp by hooking up the $300 helmet camera so that coaches are able to see just what the […]

Facebook to stream first match of FA Cup live
Soccer fans who don’t have a TV to watch live matches on TV will be glad to know that they have a new outlet to get their fix of the game – Facebook. And no, I’m not talking about some online football game or live score app – Facebook has announced that it will be streaming the first match of the FA Cup live on the social network this Friday […]

X2IMPACT's "intelligent mouthguard" will collect data during football games
Football is a brutal sport with broken bones and bruises considered to be part of the game. However concussions are pretty nasty business which is why Seattle’s X2IMPACT has come up with a smart mouthguard that looks to record the data collected during collisions between players during a football game. The lucky team that will be testing these mouthguards are Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish football team.

Hydromax keeps football players hydrated
When it comes to football (we’re talking American here, and not soccer, the beautiful game), it is one demanding sport that requires all who participate in it on the field to be in tip top physical condition. Of course, this would mean one would have to go through rigorous training all the time, and while you’re on the field making out your plays, it makes perfect sense to remain hydrated. […]

EA Sports and Orad Virtual Playbook makes game analysis more interesting
Sports buffs who love analyzing football matches are going to be in for a treat. EA and Orad have announced that they will be bringing Virtual Playbook to global football broadcasters. Virtual Playbook is a technology developed by EA and Orad that combines real-life footage together with computer graphics, to generate an “augmented reality” that provides unique insight, education and analysis on key plays and techniques – basically taking watching […]

FanVision Brings the Action Closer for NFL Fans
Stephen Ross, owners of the Dolphins, has unveiled his product called FanVision, which will give crazed NFL fanatics the opportunity to trade the high cost of good stadium seats for more modest ones and still glimpse the best–and multiple–viewing angles, replays, and of course, the chance to see all the cheerleaders in action at the games. The FanVision device is essentially a portable handheld TV that will work in 12 […]

Soccer Ball Remote Control Is In Time For The World Cup
With the World Cup just around the corner, you can expect these soccer ball remote controls to get a healthy spike in sales. Considering that tensions will be high and there will be plenty of shouting when your team fails to score, the fact that this remote control is padded might just be a good thing. It’s pre-programmed for many TV, VCR, satellite and DVD systems, and can be used […]

s0ccket soccer ball undergoes testing in Africa
South Africa will be hosting the World Cup later this summer, and we wonder just how green the event will be. Regardless, the s0ccket soccer ball has some elements of being eco-friendly, where it stores all the kinetic energy it receives with all the kicking around, where it can hold enough juice to power a single LED while recharging a small battery-operated device. The s0ccket soccer ball is currently in […]