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Motorola to launch new Atrix laptop docks for the Xoom

12 Atrix Dock

It looks like your Xoom tablet may have the ability to extend beyond being a regular tablet. According to some rumors, Motorola are going to release a new version of the Atrix laptop dock that turns your mobile device into a laptop. Except in this case, it won’t be the Motorola Atrix phone that you’ll be plugging in; it’ll be the Motorola Xoom tablet instead.

While Motorola’s laptop dock was a big deal when it was introduced at CES 2011, it hasn’t been doing too well since it was released; mostly due to its exorbitant price and reports about its sluggish performance despite being powered by a dual-core processor phone. No word on when we’ll be seeing these new tablet-friendly laptop docks, but if Motorola can price them right and improve its performance this time around, it might do better than before.

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