Motorola One 5G Is An Affordable 5G Capable Smartphone
Back in 2019 when the first 5G smartphones were rolling out, they were pretty much exclusive to flagship devices, which meant that they weren’t exactly what many would consider to be affordable. Thankfully, 2020 seems to have improved on that aspect, and if you’re after a 5G capable handset that won’t break the bank, Motorola might have something for you.

Motorola Goes Back To Its Budget Roots With New Moto G, Moto E Smartphones
Motorola seems to be going back and forth between its smartphone strategy. For a while, the company kind of gave up on flagship devices and chose to focus on its low-end and mid-range phones. Then earlier this year, the company launched a flagship handset in the form of the Moto Edge Plus.

Motorola Returns To Flagship Phones With Its New Edge Plus Smartphone
In the recent years, Motorola has mostly stuck to low and mid-range handsets while the rest of the competition tried their hand at creating high-end flagships. If you miss Motorola’s higher-end phones, then you might be interested to learn that the company has returned to the fray with its brand new Motorola Edge Plus smartphone.

Motorola One Zoom Camera Review
Overall, the Motorola One Zoom camera is doing a good job of expanding capabilities across all aspects of mobile photography, but it needs to improve in specific areas to increase its competitiveness.


Motorola Edge Leaked Pictures Reveal More Details
We recently covered Motorola’s next 5G smartphone leak with a “waterfall” display featuring 90 Hz of refresh rate. Now, it looks like the device has made a lot of progress with leaks.Again, XDA-Developers came up with some exclusive look on Motorola’s next smartphone which potentially sports a waterfall 90 Hz display. Of course, the display remains consistent with the previous leak.However, we learned a few new things along with the […]

Analysts Believe Companies Could Ship 100 Million Foldable Phones By 2025
Are foldable phones the next big thing in smartphone design? Will foldable phones represent the new standard of smartphones moving forwards? That’s hard to say, but it seems over at Strategy Analytics, the company’s analysts are pretty optimistic about foldable phones, especially over the next five years.

The New Budget Moto G Series Announced In The US
Motorola has been a little dull with its recent mid-range smartphones. However, it looks like the new G series smartphone could be a good offering in the US.The Moto G8 Stylus and the Moto G8 Power will be the new mid-range budget options. Even though Motorola has announced it for the US – it will be arriving later this spring (not immediately).You can follow their official website to subscribe for […]

Motorola's Next 5G Phone To Feature A 'Waterfall' 90 Hz Display
Motorola’s recent budget G series of smartphones was a success. However, Motorola hasn’t been successful with their flagships (Moto Z3, for instance).Now, it looks like Motorola’s coming up with two new smartphones for 2020, exclusively reported by XDA-Developers.The new smartphone might be referenced as “Motorola One 2020” but we cannot be too sure about what it will be called.This time, Motorola will probably come up with curved displays that will […]

Motorola's Phone With A Stylus Could Be A Galaxy Note Rival
Motorola has tried to grab the attention with several smartphones. However, this time, with the recent leak by Evan Blass, it looks like we might have something more interesting.On Twitter, Evan Blass shared a picture of Motorola’s Android phone with a stylus.As you can see in the image above, it definitely looks cool. Now, the question is – will it be competing against the premium Galaxy Note series? We don’t […]

Motorola Razr Now Officially Launching On February 6
Back in November last year, Motorola announced their own foldable phone in the form of the Motorola Razr, a revival of the classic and iconic design, except with a modern twist where on the inside it featured a flexible display. The handset was originally supposed to launch after Christmas, but the company delayed the release.

Motorola Razr Pre-Orders Delayed Due To ‘Unparalleled Excitement’
Last month, after an entire year of rumors and speculation, Motorola announced the Motorola Razr foldable smartphone. For those unfamiliar, this is a smartphone with a foldable display on the inside and sports the design of the classic Razr feature phone from back in the day, except with a hi-tech modern twist.

Motorola One Hyper Has 64MP Main Shooter, 32MP Pop-Up Selfie Camera for $400
Motorola launched another phone in its One series, the Motorola One Hyper. At $399.99, the Hyper sounds more like a mid-range, however, on the cameras side, it boasts super high-resolution sensors that enable “night vision”.

The Motorola Razr Has Been Revived As A Modern Day Foldable Smartphone
So far the major players in the foldable display smartphones have been Samsung and Huawei. Both companies have approached the form factor as a smartphone-cum-tablet hybrid, which we admit is a pretty clever idea and a pretty obvious use of the technology, but it looks like Motorola has since tossed their hat into the ring with a different take on it.

This Is What Motorola’s Razr Foldable Phone Will Look Like
Back in the day of the feature phone, Motorola was the king of premium phones when they launched the Motorola Razr, which at that time, was one of the first few phones to be made out of premium materials. Now it looks like Motorola is ready to make a comeback by reviving the Razr but with a modern twist.