Fancy a dog having a more expensive outfit than some celebrities out there with all their long dresses and handbags – that is exactly what Cairo, the dog who worked with Navy SEALs during their recent raid in Pakistan, had. No idea on Cairo’s breed, but we have word that the body armor worn during the mission cost somewhere from $30,000 onwards, making Cairo bulletproof and legitimately protected from unexpected attacks on his body.

The body armor was developed by K9 Storm of Canada, where their flagship product is the $20,000-$30,000 Intruder, sporting a high-definition camera that is mounted on the dog’s back. This will help the handler check out whatever is happening from the dog’s point of view, and the camera is smart enough to switch to night vision automatically when it goes all dark. Apart from that, the camera lens is one tough puppy (is it Gorilla Glass?), being impact-resistant and waterproof. 

The armor can shield Cairo from 9mm and .45 magnum gunfire, being durable as well as light. Since SEALs need to operate stealthily, it makes perfect sense that this hardware setup is also completely silent, doing away with any clanking sound from metal hitting itself whenever the canine stalks the area.

One thing we know for sure – titanium teeth are there are replacements, and not as a weapon.

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