It is said that if Navy SEAL dogs have $2,000 a-piece titanium teeth all the better to rip into baddies with, then our men in Navy SEAL Team 6 have adamantium skeletons and a healing factor to help them regenerate and keep our country safe from her enemies round the clock. Too bad for those who wish to believe that our loyal and brave canine friends have dental work that costs much more than what we would spend on our own teeth in a year, it must be said that Navy SEAL dogs DO NOT have titanium teeth unless necessary.

The Daily first broke news that the German shepherds and Belgian Malinois which keep special operations forces on patrol company have “razor-sharp teeth are made of titanium” – no wonder they have already lost a cool $10 million this quarter with no sight of a financial recovery yet.

There is an issue about dogs with titanium teeth – it would mean something wrong is with them. They are not as stable as what a regular tooth would be, and chances are they would just come out when man’s best friend bites. Medical reasons would be the best bet or a dog to have titanium teeth, where it would be somewhat similar to a crown for a human.

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