Are electronic/hybrid cars catching on? Sure it has but probably not as fast as car manufacturers would like. Despite the promises that not only will it save you fuel but also create a cleaner environmental footprint, people are simply not buying into Electric Vehicles (EV), maybe the whole stigmata about electric/hybrid cars not being as fast/powerful as their fuel variants, which in part is true, although personally that would only matter if I was planning on racing, they also probably think that electric/hybrid cars are expensive.Well either way it looks like BMW is interested in creating an EV of tomorrow and they want your help. The app is called BMW EVolve (yes the play on EV) and basically all you need to do is turn the app on while you’re driving and the app will log and analyze your driving patterns and uploads it to BMW’s servers where it will provide input to BMW’s engineers in helping them to design the EV of tomorrow.

Now just because the app is by BMW does not mean you need a BMW in order to use it, in fact part of the reason BMW created that app was because they wanted to see if the BMW ActiveE or an upcoming BMW all-electric vehicle is the right fit for you. Not so altruistic after all. Well either way if you’re interested in giving BMW a helping hand or if you really want to know which of BMW’s all-electric cars is suited for you, the app can be found on the Android Market, free of charge.

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