The advent of broadband connectivity across numerous countries have made video calls and video conferences all the more convenient and less choppy, also thanks in part to efficient software such as Skype and other instant messaging programs with video call support. Well, the webcam industry isn’t the most exciting one to be in, but at least there is progresso on the hardware front from time to time such as Creative Technology’s Live! Cam inPerson HD webcam

Boasting an integrated H.264 video encoding processor that ensures the fastest possible frame rate while using a minimal amount of computer resources, it seems to specifically target older notebooks or models with less processing firepower for video, letting you enjoy a high level of picture quality and consistency. Of course, we aren’t gonna stop you if you want to use this on the latest gaming notebook that you’ve just purchased.

Other improvements include audio quality courtesy of the four microphones embedded within the long housing and noise-cancellation technology. Retailing for $150 a pop, make sure you have a free USB 2.0 port (or higher) before getting this!

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