Starting this month, Domino’s is kicking off a new pilot program in Salt Lake City which lets customers watch how kitchen staff go about fulfilling their orders. This is different from the pizza tracking option that Domino’s already has in place in various regions, including the U.K. A branch in Salt Lake City has five webcams in the kitchen which offers live streams to customers who wish to keep an eye on the pizza making process.

Domino’s has set up a separate website for this, which can be accessed at If the idea of watching your pizza being made excites you for some reason, bear in mind that orders have to be placed between 11am and 11pm Mountain Time. Orders can be placed online and then the customer can sit back, relax and watch kitchen staff go to town on the dough, add sauce as well as various toppings before sliding it in the oven. Once the pizza exits Salt Lake City branch, the next time you’ll be seeing it will be at your door. It is not known whether Domino’s intends on expanding this pilot program in other parts of the U.S. as well.

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