For the most part a lot of us don’t really think about whether our text messages being sent and received are secure since it’s not like we text each other regarding top secret government projects or sensitive information. However for those that are really particular as to whether their text messages are secure, not to worry because thanks to this Android app, your text messages from now on will be encrypted.

Introducing the SecurSend Lite app which is free of charge and can be found on the Android Market. A paid version of the app is also available and the difference in the paid and free version is that the paid version offers a stenography feature where the actual message is hidden by a picture which doubles the security, especially for those who are really particular about it. For those who do not think the extra security feature is a necessity the free version should work just fine.

Sending a secured message is easy, all you have to do is choose a password that can be used to unlock the message and let the other person know beforehand. After that you just send the message and in order for that person to read the message all they would have to do is enter the password that was agreed upon earlier. Simple! As it stands the app can only encrypt text messages, so for those who are hoping for email encryption may have to look elsewhere.

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