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How To Change Country In Google Play Store
Did you move to a different country and now need to update your Google Play Store details? Or maybe you’re just trying to access an app that isn’t available in your region - here’s how you change your country in Google Play.

Adobe Premiere Pro Now Officially Supports Apple Silicon Macs
To solve the lack of native apps available for their Apple Silicon Macs, Apple turned to their Rosetta 2 translation software that basically got Intel apps to run on their Apple Silicon chipsets, but we imagine that this is probably not a permanent solution, but as the Apple Silicon chipsets are still new, it will have to do for now.

Chrome For iOS Updated With Support For Full Page Screenshots
If you wanted to take a scrolling screenshot of a website on your iPhone, you would need to either use Safari, which supports scrolling screenshot, or use a third-party app. If you are a Chrome user on iOS, you might have been left out of this, but the good news is that Google has updated its Chrome browser with support for the feature.

Future Verizon Phones Will Ship With Google Messages Preloaded
Back in the early days, SMS technology was viewed as pretty amazing, but then smartphones came along and suddenly sending photos and videos and other forms of media through messages became the new standard. Apple tried to create fusion of sorts with iMessage, but given that it was exclusive to Apple devices, it led to the creation of the RCS standard.


Instagram Working On iOS Widget For Users With Multiple Accounts
With iOS 14, Apple finally introduced support for widgets that can be placed on the home screen. This led to many apps taking advantage of this, and it looks like Instagram is planning something for iOS users as well. This is according to developer Alessandro Paluzzi who shared screenshots on his Twitter account.

Twitter Beta Now Lets You Sign In With Google
So a couple of weeks ago, it was reported that Twitter was testing out allowing users to sign into their service using third-party platforms such as Apple or Google. For those who are using the Twitter beta on Android, you might be interested to learn that the company has since implemented the feature for the beta app.

WhatsApp Working On End-To-End Encrypted Backups
WhatsApp supports end-to-end encryption for its messages. What this means, for those unfamiliar, is that the messages are encrypted while in transmission meaning that even if a hacker were to intercept it, they wouldn’t be able to read it as it can only be decrypted on the intended device.

WhatsApp Will Make It Easier For You To Join Group Calls You Missed
Have you ever missed out on a WhatsApp group call? Maybe you were busy, or maybe you didn’t hear the phone ring, but whatever the case is, you’ve missed it and the only way to join it would be for them to end the call and call you back. However, that could change in the future, according to WABetaInfo.

Android 12 Will Let You Play Games Even Before They Finish Downloading
This has probably happened to pretty much most of us, where we want to play a game on our phone but we have to wait for it to finish downloading. However, the good news is that come Android 12, Google will be introducing a new feature called “play as you download” that will let you play a game even before the download is complete.

Speedtest Can Now Tell You How Well You Can Stream Videos
We’re sure many of us have tried testing our internet’s speeds. We wouldn’t say it’s a very accurate representation because obviously the server you’re connecting to plays a role as well (your internet could be fast but if the server you’re connecting to is slow, it will affect your speeds as well).

WhatsApp Working On Allowing Users To Send Higher Quality Photos
One of the problems with WhatsApp is the compression they use for photos. Have you ever realized that even though our phones take such great images, when they are sent through WhatsApp, suddenly they lose a lot of the details and sharpness that made them look good in the first place.

At Some Point In Time, Google Tried To Kill Samsung’s Galaxy Store
If you wanted to download apps onto an Android handset, there’s a good chance that you almost always default to the Google Play Store, but see, that’s one of the beauties of Android and that is if you don’t want to use Google, you can always turn to alternatives. In fact, companies like Samsung actually bundle their own app store, the Galaxy Store, on their phones.

OnePlus 9 Found Throttling The Performance Of Several Popular Apps
Some of you might recall that several years ago, after years of what some chalked up to a conspiracy theory, Apple finally admitted that they were throttling the performance of its older iPhones. However, the company claims that this was done to help stabilize the performance on devices with degrading batteries.

Spotify Starts Rolling Out Offline Playback For Apple Watch
Back in November 2020, Spotify finally released a standalone app for the Apple Watch. This meant that those who had the LTE model could stream Spotify while they were on the go even if they didn’t have their iPhones with them. Spotify later announced support for offline playback, but it seems that it wasn’t available to users yet.

Mozilla’s Firefox Lite Browser Has Been Killed Off
In some parts of the world, having access to fast and reliable internet isn’t always a given. This is why in some countries, feature phones continue to be popular because what use is a smartphone if your carrier’s infrastructure can’t support it? It is also why some developers have created “Lite” versions of their apps designed to be smaller and faster versions for lower-end handsets.

Audacity Has Been Accused Of Collecting Data On Its Users
The benefits of using open source software is that because it is open source, it allows the community to take a peek under the hood. This lets users create forked versions of the software, but it also allows users to understand how the software works and point out and identify issues with it.

This App Scans Your Lego Bricks And Tells You What To Build
If you’ve been collecting Lego for years, chances are you might be sitting on a box or two of random leftover bricks. What you want to build using those bricks is entirely up to you, but if you’re open to suggestions, then maybe you might want to take a look at the Brickit app that uses augmented reality to help give you some suggestions.

Opera Releases An Optimized Browser For Chromebooks
Given that Chromebooks run on Chrome OS which is developed by Google, it’s not surprising that Chrome would be the default browser for the operating system. However, there are alternatives because since Chrome OS supports the running of Android apps, users can always download third-party browser alternatives from the Play Store.

How To Turn Off Comments On Instagram
Are you getting toxic comments on your Instagram posts? Or maybe you just don’t want to have to deal with comments entirely? Then disabling comments on your Instagram posts might be a good idea.

Google Testing A Chrome Shortcuts Widget For Android
Given that Google is behind Android, you would think that features for its services and products would be made available for Android first. However, in some instances, Google actually brings some features over to iOS, like its Chrome shortcuts widget which according to a report from Chrome Story, is being tested for Android right now.