Looking for a way to pipe music through your entire house but don’t have enough space or you don’t know where to begin? Perhaps Artison and Osram Slyvania will be able to help you with that, with their MusicLites product which combines high fidelity audio and LEDs into one simple and elegant solution. The companies behind the product are Artison, who is a high-end quality audio technology firm while Osram Sylvania is North America’s number one lightning company and together they have created the MusicLites which was debuted today. The idea behind MusicLites was for a way for consumers who wanted a robust audio system but did not want to deal with all the power plugs and speaker wires.

How it works is that the light socket powers both the speakers and the light with the speakers communicating through a proprietary 2.4GHz wireless transmitter and receiver system which can be connected to basically any audio source such as stereos, televisions, computers, iPods, iPads, etc, so basically connecting it to your television could mean that the sound could essentially be broadcast to any room in your house that has MusicLites installed. A pretty neat and elegant solution which not only saves space but hides speakers from view, giving guests to your home the illusion that sound is coming from everywhere without them knowing that it’s actually coming from the ceiling.

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