Xtreamer has announced that their Prodigy media streamer has received a revamp, introducing a bunch of new features to boot. This device is now touted to be the first media player that will support 3D video streaming over HDMI 1.4, whereas the new user interface is capable of taking advantage of HTML5 and PHP/SQLite standards for third party developers. Those who have had experience with the updated media streamer have touted the interface as one which closely resembles the HTPC (Home Theater PC) experience on computers.

As for the hardware, improvements have been thrown at it as well, with the inclusion of a new 750MHz processor and USB 3.0 support. Touted to run on the Android 2.2 Froyo operating system, do not expect the dual boot feature to arrive at least until later this year. If you are interested, you can also pick up DVB-T and CI+ modules down the road, where it will also carry a hard drive bay that supports 3TB disks. Place a pre-order for the reworked Prodigy media streamer for 149 Euros (around $214 after conversion).

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