brite-View’s Air SyncHD/DX device, also known as the BV-2822 if model numbers are your cup of tea, is a 1080p video/audio wireless transmission kit. To put it in plain English boys and girls, the brite-View Air SyncHD/DX is capable of sending Full High Definition signals without the need to go through physical cables, hence lowering, nay, eliminating the chances of you (or some other member of the family) tripping over it. This purchase will feature a quartet of HDMI connections and two sets of component video inputs on the transmitter side.

The moment you establish a wireless HDMI link between the transmitter and receiver, you are able to beam the whole primary video/audio source to a secondary HDTV as long as it is placed within range (normally in the same house, of course). There is a maximum transmission range of 6 feet for uncompressed 1080p content, while 1080i content sees the range extended to 100 feet.

Installation is a snap, and since the transmitter itself sports an integrated HDMI splitter, you can easily broadcast to a second HDTV which is attached to the receiver, while the HD A/V signals are sent to the primary HDTV via the transmitter. How much for some wireless convenience in your life? We’re looking a $299.99 for the Air SyncHD|DX. [Press Release]

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