I suppose technology is being infused with clothing more and more these days, and the Belly Dance costume that you see here from Loretta Faveri, a student over at OCAD (Ontario College of Art & Design University), is something that will certainly make an impression in the mind of many folks the moment they take a look at it. Firstly, anyone who has seen a skilled belly dancer strut her stuff will definitely be mesmerized, even more so when you have wearable technology tightly integrated into the performance itself.


This high-tech Belly Dancer costume will use conductive yarn traces and other components as part of the style element instead of being hidden away, where they will blend in to look as though it was part of the overall aesthetics. The end result? A beautiful, sensational outfit for a performing artist.

A LilyPad Arduino will run proceedings, receiving signals from various sensors such as an accelerometer; and a tilt and stretch sensor that will track the body’s movements which are subsequently translated to signals and sent over via Bluetooth to a computer, resulting in sound processing based on Loretta’s predefined and prepared playlist. Neat!

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