Heard of Ten One Design before? Well, they are basically the brains behind the first capacitive touch-screen stylus for popular devices such as the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Needless to say, they are not going to rest on their laurels anytime soon, having prepared the imminent shipping of the Fling mini tactile game controller. The Fling mini is basically an improvisation of the Fling for iPad, where it will be able to be attached to just about any smartphone’s display. You will need to make sure it is carefully and accurately placed on top of the directional pad of any compatible game in order to achieve ultimate control all the time. Hopefully it works as advertised – I am having a torrid time with Tank Hero on my HTC Desire S, where the dual joystick configuration goes awry whenever the action gets hot and thick due to it being over-sensitive. 

The Fling mini will sport a special spiral design that creates actual physical resistance, letting you enjoy greater directional control all the time, never mind if your palms are the sweaty kind or not. Playing nice with any iPhone or iPod touch game that relies on a directional pad or virtual joystick, some supported titles include Meteor Blitz, Aralon: Sword and Shadow, Super Mega Worm, Robokill, Blade of Betrayal and Dink Smallwood.

The 2-pack Fling mini will cost $24.95 – rather overpriced in my opinion for some pieces of plastic, but then again, sometimes the easiest ideas might not necessarily be the cheapest to implement.

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