When it comes to modern devices, keeping them juiced up is of utmost importance – after all, a cell phone doesn’t just make calls and send text messages these days – it is more of a pocket computer than anything else. Hence, the additional battery drain, which means making sure it is fully charged before the day begins has become an everyday task now. What if charging your devices is made more convenient? That is what industrial design students Hans Christian Thiesen, Mads Gydegaard, Morten Ydefeldt and Marius Koppang set up to do with their Powertex idea.

Powertex is actually a textile which will juice up your device that is in contact with it, courtesy of inductive charging. The technology itself is not new, but the application in this radical manner certainly is. 

Inductive charging pads has been introduced over the years, but Powertex pushes the limit of the technology, where it intends to integrate inductive power generation into fabrics. Imagine a day in the future where all fabric around us, the upholstery of your office chair, the train seats, your bed, they will help keep your device powered all the time. Good luck, folks!

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