GestureTek QualcommIt has been reported that Qualcomm, the manufacturer behind the popular Snapdragon processors that have been put to a lot of good use in recent smartphones, has acquired unspecified assets from GestureTek. GestureTek is a company that specializes in gesture-recognition technology found in TV screens and video game consoles so it is safe to say that the assets, though unspecified, have something to do with gesture-based technology as well.

It wasn’t mentioned what Qualcomm will be specifically doing with these newly acquired GestureTek technology but the company did state that it will be integrating it into Qualcomm’s current and next-generation Snapdragon processors. This should give OEMs that use Snapdragon chips the ability to incorporate extra gestures in their phones that won’t be possible on other phones (unless the technology is licensed from Qualcomm themselves). Sounds pretty interesting, though we’d have to see what kind of gestures will be implemented in order to judge its usefulness.

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