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Apple Acquires Public Transit App Developer, Embark
Apple has been making a number of improvements to its Maps iOS application, but ultimately, the service has yet to become as popular as competing services, such as Google Maps. Misinformation and inaccuracies seem to be some of the big issues plaguing Apple’s Maps, but if you’re someone who relies on public transportation, the service has been completely useless to you up until this point. That is until Apple acquired […]

Facebook To Acquire Mobile Technologies
When you are a small company, you are extremely nimble and can navigate yourself through choppy waters with greater ease than behemoths, but somehow do not happen to have the kind of money that the big boys have – which requires you to be more creative in order to keep up with the competition. However, when a small company eventually “grows up” to be the proverbial 800 lbs gorilla, then […]

Yahoo Acquires Qwiki To Allow Its Users To Create Video Montages
Yahoo has acquired Qwiki, the iPhone video tool that allows users to create a video montage.

Google Officially Acquires Wavii Resulting In Shutdown Of App
We recently reported on Wavii’s possible acquisition by Google earlier this week, and it looks like the cat is officially out of the bag as the company has announced that it has indeed been acquired by Google.The news comes from Wavii’s CEO Adrian Aoun, who published a statement on its homepage: 


Dropbox Acquires iPhone Email App Mailbox
Dropbox announced they receive one billion uploads every day a few weeks ago at MWC, which obviously means they have a ton of users uploading their files onto the service on a regular basis. They’re always looking to expand their features, which is why they previously acquired Audiogalaxy and Snapjoy. Today, Dropbox is announcing another acquisition that may make them a major player in the world of email clients.Dropbox has announced they have […]

Beats Audio purchases MOG for $14 million
We’ve heard rumors over the past few months that HTC had bought MOG, and today the news surfaced that it has finally become official. HTC, through its subsidiary Beats Audio, has bought up MOG for $14 million. This number is a little surprising at first since MOG raised $33 million throughout its entire existence. The low number could be the result of Beats Audio splitting up MOG into two separate companies. […]

T-Mobile rewarded for failed AT&T merger
Yesterday we reported that AT&T withdrew its plans to acquire T-Mobile, due to heavy opposition from the government. Well it looks like the T-Mobile won’t be coming out empty-handed from the unsuccessful deal. According to reports online, Deutsche Telekom, the parent company of T-Mobile will be getting a $3 billion cash payout from AT&T. In addition to the money, T-Mobile USA will be getting some of AT&T’s AWS spectrum – […]

Danske Bank: Nokia could sell smartphone division to Microsoft (Rumor)
With Nokia committing themselves to making and selling Microsoft’s Windows Phone devices, would you really be that surprised if Microsoft just bought over Nokia’s smartphone division? Well it seems that Denmark’s largest bank, Danske Bank, thinks so as well as they have announced that Nokia could be selling their smartphone division to Microsoft.

AT&T, T-Mobile to postpone court proceedings for a month
The AT&T and T-Mobile merger deal isn’t looking so good. Some analysts have even gone as far as claiming that the deal is on its death bed, although given the huge obstacles and the amount of opposition that both AT&T and T-Mobile had to face, we can’t help but agree to a certain extent, but it seems that AT&T is now trying to salvage what’s left of the deal by […]

Sony Ericsson to drop "Ericsson" from name mid 2012, will focus on smartphones only
When Sony announced their plans to buyout Ericsson’s stake in their Sony Ericsson joint venture, it was sort of a given that it was only a matter of time before Sony dropped the Ericsson moniker from the brand and focus on pushing out Sony-branded products instead, much like how they’re gotten the ball rolling with their Sony-brand Android tablets, the Tablet S and Tablet P.

AT&T could divest T-Mobile assets to Leap Wireless to gain FCC approval
We had reported last week that AT&T had withdrawn its FCC application for the approval of the T-Mobile acquisition. It seemed that due to numerous complaints and opposition from their competitors and even the government, AT&T has decided to withdraw its application but at the same time not give up on the possibility of a possible approval in the future, so much so that they are considering divesting T-Mobile assets […]

AT&T withdraws FCC approval application for T-Mobile merger
If you’re the type that believes in negative energy and whatnot, it appears that with all of their detractors and even the government going against their merger, AT&T has withdrawn their application from the FCC that requested approval for a merger between AT&T and T-Mobile, a deal that was valued at $39 billion.

Motorola shareholders vote in favor of "Googorola" deal
We know that Google has announced their plans to purchase Motorola Mobility, and it seems that Motorola’s shareholders have given the company the green light to proceed with the acquisition deal with a 99% vote in favor of the deal. The shareholders at the meeting reportedly represented about 74% of Motorola’s total shares, thus displaying a strong support for the deal, according to Motorola’s CEO Sanjay Jha.

Huawei to buyout Symantec's stake in their joint venture
Huawei, a company known for putting out affordable mobile devices has announced their plans to buy out the remaining 49% stake in their Symantec joint venture. For those unfamiliar, Symantec is a company that specializes in security software for computers, and are probably most famous for their Norton AntiVirus software.

Kobo acquired by Rakuten
Kobo, the eBook reader platform developer and eBook reading app provider has been reported to have been purchased for $315 million by Rakuten, one of the world’s top 3 e-commerce companies by revenue. It looks like Rakuten wants to take a stab at the eBook business with its latest acquisition.Rakuten has been on a shopping spree recently, with the purchase of multiple companies such as PriceMinister (a French e-commerce company), […]

DragonWave to pick up microwave transport business from Nokia Siemens Networks
Ever heard of DragonWave before? I haven’t, but here they are making headlines as they seem to be in the running to purchase the microwave transport business from Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) in due time – including the latter’s associated operational support systems and related support functions. This particular move would mena DragonWave will end up as a strategic supplier of packet microwave and related products to Nokia Siemens Networks, […]

MetroPCS said to be frontrunner in buying AT&T's assets
One of the reasons why the AT&T and T-Mobile deal has not gone through, despite it being announced months ago, is that not just their competitors, but antitrust regulators who feel that through AT&T’s acquisition of T-Mobile, competition will essentially be dead, at least as far as the small carriers are concerned. One of the ways that AT&T has tried to appease the courts and their competition is by offering […]

Motorola Mobility stockholders to vote on "Googorola" deal
A few months back, Google announced its plans to acquire Motorola’s mobile division, Motorola Mobility. Naturally this was a very big deal, the deal $12.5 billion deal not withstanding, but also its implications since Google’s Android platform can be found on many of Motorola’s recent smartphones. This however did not sit too well with the antitrust regulators, who not too long ago requested to take a closer look at the […]

Sony to buy Ericsson's stake in Sony Ericsson joint venture?
With Sony foraying into the tablet scene with the Tablet P and Tablet S offerings, we’re sure that some were probably wondering when they would start putting out their own phones. Granted that Sony Ericsson is a joint venture between Sony and Ericsson, it appears that Sony is close to closing a deal that would buy out Ericsson’s stake in their mobile phone joint venture.

Rhapsody picks up Napster
Rhapsody must have looked upon Napster with a longing, and in another case of a corporate giant swallowing up smaller entities, America’s largest on-demand music service has decided to fork out the dough to acquire Napster’s subscriber base in order to extend their leadership position to the next level.